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In their second year at Greendale, the study group filled in for the Glee Club when the members died in a tragic bus accident.

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diet ginger ale Sprinkle of cinnamon Garnish: gingerbread man cookie Combine all ingredients in a glass and stir. Regardless, the infamous tape of the two having sex in the bathroom made its way from Whatsapp to social media.We don’t have a copy of the footage, but I’m assuming it looked like this: They had sex in a bathroom. Apparently, the unnamed coworkers who were caught deckin’ the halls in the ladies room were seen disappearing from the party together before doing the dirty.A source who was at the holiday party reportedly talked to The Sun about the x-rated bathroom getaway.The source said, A few of us saw them disappear together when they were both well plastered and realized what they were up to.That’s right: He shared their holiday party sex tape.Talk about one Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for the pair, it’s been reported both the man and the woman involved were already in relationships — and one of them was married (EEK).The song she sings is "Teach Me How To Understand Christmas". Won't you be my daddy I'm a silly Christmas baby Tell me what to deck … 'cuz I forgot Bwain huwty undewstandy Cwismas Mistletoe for eatie taste good?!?!? Boop-y doop-y doop boop, SEX The song "Teach Me How to Understand Christmas" is a satire of similar holiday classics with lyrics that reflect the criticisms of those type of songs.It was first heard in the Season Three episode "Regional Holiday Music". In this interview, the writer of the episode Megan Ganz explained: Years before she was cast on Community, actress Alison Brie did an online skit called "Christmas Idol" for the comedy website "Funny or Die." In it, she is dressed in a Santa's helper outfit while singing "Santa Baby" and closed out the performance with Betty Boop's signature catchphrase.If you've ever done a photo search for "sexy Santa" (hey, no one's judging), then you've probably gotten some cheesy, ridiculous results.And if you've ever looked for #Christmaspickuplines on Twitter, the result is pretty much same.