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The danger with this is the recipient now has that video saved on their phone, which means they can send it to other people who were not intended to receive it.

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Things got even harder for Karishma when her close friend among the fellow female contestants, Sharika Raina, was eliminated. Karishma admitted later that she likes Sharika as more than just a friend and, even though she had to say goodbye, could it be possible that the bisexual character count of the show was actually three?

The result of the emotional goodbye was a surprising kiss between the two. That is, right in front of everyone (and the nation! Who knows how much more queerness the show has in store?

The first season was hosted by Karishma Tanna and Upen Patel.

These two were dating each other for quite a long time but due to several reasons, their relationship did not last long.

Knowing even basic Hindi, whether for heritage, business, or pure curiosity, will allow you to communicate with over 1 billion people on this planet and become immersed in a rich language and culture.

MTV Love School is a popular reality show amongst the youngsters.

Preet comes to know this and murders both meet and mahii. Four years later inspire of various warnings by anshuman, vivaan goes and meet dhara. Moonstone can make them the most powerful in the whole world.

The powers of moonstone can only be obtained by sacrificing true love.

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This week our metaphorical finger landed on India, where reality show (which airs on MTV) is in the midst of an especially shocking season.And it will probably be several more before we can look her in the face without mourning the loss of the stunning beauty we knew from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.Remember that girl with the gorgeous locks and the pretty face who debuted with Gangster? Well, given the number of hours that Kangana has spent at the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, we don’t blame you either.Our forum currently has over 24888 active discussion topics about the show.And you will also find all the latest Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan videos, news, cast, synopsis, photo gallery, and much more only on After dealing with 10 couples, guiding them, helping them to rekindle their relationship, Anusha and Karan have helped all these pairs by grooming them in the best possible away.And finally the winners of the show have been declared – Pasha Doll and Khemraj Bhardwaj.If we had a penny for every time some wannabe actor went under the needle to get their lips perfected and then off the radar went it went wrong, we’d probably have enough cash to throw them in a time machine and freeze them in the past.Travelers, it’s been a while, but at least you know that every time we come back it’s with some exciting news.You see, the whole point is usually the guy getting the girl, the girl getting the guy, etc.Not only did the production chose a bisexual woman (Karishma Talwar) and a bisexual man (Gaurav Arora) to appear on national TV (which is a big deal in India), they’ve done so without informing the hosts who revealed their surprise at the discovery on front of the cameras.because of her bisexuality, which was altogether not the best situation ever.