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So we never need to really face the reality of certain people’s situations. We don’t really witness it on the underground or in our favourite restaurants.But another woman has also been caught up in the Twitter drama – Radio 1 DJ Jameela Jamil.The confusion over their similar names meant she's also received negative comments.

It was particularly shocking for Jamil because she has previously been a victim of body shaming, and completely disagreed with Jamelia’s comments. That makes you feel bad about yourself,” says Jamil.It would be really, really lovely if you could just let me do my job…” The audience whoop and applaud their telling-off, then rather blithely ignore it.Perhaps it’s time for this Enfield boy to come home.In the last month, I’ve kept a tally on my phone of the amount of visibly physically disabled people I’ve seen out and about in bars, cafes, tube stations, restaurants, clubs and gigs. We don’t get that opportunity to see, they are just people. So therefore we never learn how to actually deal with it.On stage at the packed, not-quite-hushed environs of the Hollywood Palladium, James Blake is having a word.“I don’t know if you know this,” the 28-year-old says to the crowd of 3,700, embarking on a very English chiding, “but we can really hear all of your conversations.“I think it’s the beginning of discrimination and that’s really unhealthy for our society. I think compassion is the only way to approach any subject, especially if it’s to do with physical appearance.I don’t think it’s really about tearing something apart. There are emotional things, genetics and health conditions.” Jamil, now a healthy body weight, has experienced both sides of extreme body size. Wembley, one of our more developed and modern establishments in the UK, has 90,000 seats, out of which a THIRD of ONE PERCENT are disabled access friendly. Slow clap the government for deliberately failing to meet the basic human rights of 11.8 million people in the UK.People who are different, but who have the same feelings, loves, desires and social cravings as the rest of the world.