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Not only is she a fan of flashing the flesh on the red carpet - during her music heyday she would happily strip off in a bid to push records.In 2009 she released unapologetically sexualised video These Boots Are Made For Walking.Eco-fashion activist Livia Firth has attacked “throwaway fashion”, saying women buying new outfits should always ask: “Will I wear this 30 times?” She was joined by her actor husband Colin as she unveiled her collection of sustainable clothing, designed by Erdem Moralioglu, at The Wallace Collection. “I decided to start this project and use designers to lead the way to try to give examples of how you can re-engage women with the clothes they wear.Firth, 46, said: “When I grew up, fast fashion didn’t exist so when I bought things, I never had money, but I saved for a year to buy a coat. “Everything had a memory attached to it, it had a purpose.I filled my sustainable wardrobe in time and I still have those clothes. “What’s happened is mega ‘fast-fashion’ businesses are multi-billion pound empires.“When the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh happened two years ago I wasn’t surprise because I saw what was happening.“It’s very sad that we are using other women, other women’s blood, on our clothes.

But the bombshell soon tired of prudery and threw back her wet hair to reveal her chest.

La Voix du Nord newspaper quoted her as saying that everyone should see what a camp is like and ask what they can do. I gave out blankets, hats, gloves, fruit, colouring books and crayons.'Some were so fearful they wouldn't get a blanket or crayons or an apple - it was chaos.

The Canadian-born star promotes animal, human and environmental rights after shooting to fame on Baywatch.

The duo have been dating since the start of 2010 before getting engaged just six months later.

Jess and Eric have two children together – daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson and son Ace Knute Johnson.

In fact, Jessica diced with danger as she decided to ditch her bra, causing her chest to be even more exposed.

The Dukes Of Hazzard star is known for teasing fans with her killer good looks.

(Photographed by "Magic Owen") ...a fabulously voluptuous 'plus-sized' model in Britain, who likes tight dresses and corsetry; here she appears corseted tighter than ever before, with a waist practically the size of her neck.

This top model is also a chess champion and chairwoman of the Estonian Chess Federation!

She became famous for her voluptuous swimsuit-clad figure back in the 1990s in her Baywatch heyday.

And decades on, Pamela Anderson, 49, is still showing off her conspicuous assets - this time in an eclectic black and grey full skirted dress.