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Sometimes the best tool is the stud attached to your earring, she said... Eric: We'll start by confiscating your computers: hunting down your E-mail contacts. There are men and women who put themselves in harm's way every day.

And then track your credit card purchases, club memberships, magazine subscriptions... Woods, this is my fifth year as attending thoracic surgeon. It's their lives for ours, and for them, it's not something that they do, it's something that, you know, they are. I just thought I'd check out Speedle's locker, see what he's all about.

Then if he hadn't got picked up by the hurricane, he would have never hit Burton's car, and if it wasn't for hitting Burton's car, Burton would have gotten away with murder. Your friends and your family, they just want to be there for you. Ryan: Look, my time here has been,'s been really fascinating. What if some felon, what if some felon calls her out to a location, huh? Those 12 people won't know me they won't know you, and they definitely won't know that you're covering for someone that you think is your friend. And I always felt that it was my duty to be the last voice they heard and I never, not once, took that lightly. You know sometimes there are just things you need to do.

You know what, and by the way, where you're going, I think you're going to be the bitch. If he hadn't have stolen from the mob, then he never would have become a beach bum in Florida, and then he never would have got picked up by the hurricane. If something happens to her, Cooper, I'm going to come back here and kill you. But once you get in front of that jury there won't be any hope. I know that sounds strange, but we meet people on the worst day of their life. Calleigh: Yeah, you've had this job before. I would love to be able to say..I could take you and your sister.

What happens if the Russians found out about Calleigh and Eric? If Calleigh gets hurt, what side effect will that bring? Now that he's out of prison, the only thing he wants is Calleigh no matter what cost. Two chapters equal one two eventful days of one month, unless I say differently. Calleigh and Eric have just begun their relationship and couldn't be happier. Natalia and Calleigh are kidnapped by two serial killers known for killing women, in order to get revenge on Horatio's team and Eric and Ryan are greatly affected.

Now that Henri's been locked up they thought they could have a regular relationship. E/CCalleigh is in a secret relationship with Eric, and she is pregnant now. It's going to hurt like hell, but at some point, when you have experienced everything you can, the words "life" and "risk" won't mean anything to you anymore.

ON HAITUSWhat if Natalia had gotten pregnant with Eric's child, and they'd gotten married. What will happen when someone from Calleigh's past comes back to mess things up for the happy couple?

They finally get together, and then get chased across the country by mysterious people.

Then she said, “You know I love you like family.” As Calleigh exited at the end of the scene, Eric gave a longing, apparently sad look. but in my mind, we didn’t.” “Even if we have broken up,” says Rodriguez, “we’ll get back together.” Since Procter, 42, is currently very pregnant with her first child — she’s due in mid-December — the breakup or hiatus or whatever it is has negated the necessity of shooting love scenes, at least for now. “I don’t know if they’ve made a decision where they want to go with that yet,” Rodriguez says. I thought it would have been fun to have little private moments in the CSI lab, whether it was sneaking a kiss or having an argument …” “Right? “Eating a sandwich.” “Just going through the ups and downs,” Rodriguez continues. I’ve got no more room left.’ But I do.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.Delko is comatose in hospital, badly shot in the Everglades.Horatio remembered how they met in 1997, working with his trusted assistant Jesse Cardoza's last day in his police unit on the murder of Steve Bowers's wife. Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) is the only main character who does not appear in any of the 1997-based scenes.For them, heaven on earth came in the form of a baby girl..a story of pure fluff about Calleigh & Eric getting together & having a child. My English teacher had us write Sonnets, so i wrote one about Calleigh from Eric's POV and another to Eric from Calleigh. But Eric soon finds out that if people are meant to be together that nothing can stop them, now can he build a relationship started from friendship and love around lies? Based off an interview I read with Emily Procter where she talks about her hopes of what this season might bring her character. Eric was a tow-truck driver, but showed keen interest and a sharp mind. In fact, the only time Wolfe appears at all in this episode is at the end when Delko wakes up from his coma.See more » Well, most of this show turned out to be an interesting flashback to 1997, just before a new CSI Crime Lab was instituted and Horatio being named to head it. This is what she would have looked like on her second birthday, had you not killed her and her mother. Every year on this child's birthday, I am going to haunt you. we make choices ever day, some we're conscious of, others we're not. These choices, they're up to all of you now and I pray you make them with the same ethic I've tried to live by; in the end, I guess that all that matters is that you try to leave this place a little better than when you got here. Calleigh: Well, it's just that it takes an awful lot of juice to run an offset printer, and the electrical bill of our counterfeit house would be...spiking... Ryan: I took this criminalist seminar-- Evaluating Evidence-- The visiting lecturer said that the CSI's job is to think outside the box. It's been great, but there's someplace else I think I gotta be. [about the dead boy] It's the strangest thing, but I feel like I knew him. Everything we need to do until all of you are rooted out. Gang Member: You know my homeboy, Hector, he wanted a chance, just got jumped in... I said go ahead, unfortunately homeboy was a bad shot. Your name wasn't the only one on Lieutenant's list for promotion, I scored better than you, I interviewed better than you, and I don't know what favor you pulled for the chief, but the promotion was mine, now the only thing I can do to make Lieutenant is this IAB crap and everybody hates IAB. Do you have any idea how many people are out there living happy, healthy lives because of me? Ryan: Well, ehh...there's a dead guy walking around, and I suffered temporary paralysis and then there was some spontaneous combustion and all that since we brought..thing in here, so I would have to say yes, Santeria might have something to do with Alyssa's death, sure. Now I'm not gonna try and make myself sound so honorable, but I took an oath. I took a murderer off the streets, man, just like you. Cardinal Benedetti: I told you when you came to me those many years ago, with blood on your hands, that it's not about the life you took, but the lives you make different in the here and now. I took an oath to protect, the people of Miami, and, uh, I was born to be a cop.