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Web page not updating firefox

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What you're experiencing isn't all that uncommon, though its persistence through the steps you've taken to clear it up is.

In Chrome and Firefox for Mac: Hold down both ⌘ Cmd ⇧ Shift and press R. If that solves the stale-file issue, then you're just experiencing non-refreshing files.

Every once and a while after I visit a website (such as and when I go back to it old information comes up on the website. The only thing that solves the problem is running defrag, but only temporarily, as soon the issue will reoccur. The fact that defragging has an impact is completely mysterious.

For instance, I went to a week ago and now every time I go the scores, news stories, stats, etc. Certain pieces of info on the website are current and sometimes clicking a link will bring up current info, but most is old. Let's look at what happens under the hood, what steps we would normally take to clear it up, and then make some guesses as to what else you might try.

Site developers help Web surfers view real-time information by writing code that makes browsers such as Firefox refresh.

For example, an auction website might refresh Web pages every few seconds to show updated bidding activity.

I had this issue, I was scratching my head for the best part of two days.

Turns out I completely forgot I had Cloud Flare setup on the domain I was live testing on.

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Another quick way i found that works when I test thing is open the developer console and then go to the settings and click the check box "Disable cache (while Dev Tools is open)" - then i can test code with the console and know that I always see the recent changes.

That way, the style sheet gets refreshed when necessary, but not more often than that.

The fix is called "hard refresh" Bypass_your_cache In most Windows and Linux browsers: Hold down Ctrl and press F5.