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As a result, Mac has come to believe strongly in a person’s right to a dignified death.

Voyour accommodating children with disabilities in the classroom

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Most times its only 2 screws and a careful tug, then 1 tiny little ribbon cable.

The computer should start and work with no key board, although you can't do much with mouse only.

Hoping to get some more great help again or at least to be pointed in the right direction would be appreciated but still hoping to go 2 for 2 on tom's hardware. If it works correctly then you know the key board is the issue. key and make sure the little plastic levers are moving correctly. I haven't had the chance to work on the laptop yet but I will this afternoon and make a post of the progress. Stezzo Hey bucknutty I gotta say that I'm sooooooooooo frustrated wth my bros laptop because it offers the option of either f2 and f10 BUT for some reason even when you try to access settings that way it just goes to the desktop (with a whole lot of annoying beeping! I tried to use the desktop options for "hardware" but I'm unable to disconnect the keyboard from there. I'm gonna get a new pair of ear plugs so I can bear the beeping noise that blasts through the house and hope to get lucky with the function keys upon booting.

It's been years so the Gateway laptop is no longer in warranty so my bro is using the old dinosaur Dell desktop from 2001 that takes forever when on the net, lol. If that does not help look into replacing the keyboard. First let me apologize for not responding sooner but I had to support a great friend of mine who just lost his dad so with the traveling and the emotions flying and all I was a bit tuckered when I saw your post yesterday, but thank you for your response. I was able to tinker with the keyboard key and mouse speed and when the "........................................................", go across the screen it's super slow doing it. Thanks bucknutty - if I get any closer to disabling the keyboard w/o breaking the darn thing I'll give you a message. Stezzo aka Steven You might try to find instructions or a video on how to just take the keyboard out of your particular laptop.