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VSL Extension: For convenience, the project options should specify a VSL extension.

(This really just sets a directive in the dpr file).

The first time Visio runs, it takes a while to update its directory cache before you can use it. On running Visio for the first time, the opening screen appears as shown Figure 3-5.

When you select the Database category from the category list shown in Figure 3-5 you will see a window with five icons similar to that shown in Figure 3-6.

The MSP file is the first folder in the updates folder. As the underlying install is an MSI, enable verbose logging and examine the logfile for the cause of the installation failure.

What you can also do is to configure the MSP file to basic UI in the display level and watch for any displayed errors.

The remaining three options are for database modeling, and form the main subject of this book. On the left hand side, you will see the category list of Visio's non-database solutions that were summarized in section 1 “3.

When you design databases, you will use the database category exclusively so the other category options are not further discussed here.

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Can anyone advise me on how to install this via SCCM 2007? Running from SCCM is either going to run from a DP, or from the SCCM cache - unless you've specifically set the cache directory to 'C:\Visio Pro' it's not going to be in that location.You can also easily run it again later from central administration: Once you’ve launched the wizard, choose to have the wizard walk you through configuration.As one of the first steps of the wizard, you need to assign a service account, and then choose which services you want to provision.The easiest way to start using Visio Services is to use the Farm Configuration Wizard from Central Administration.When you first install Share Point 2010, you will be prompted to run this wizard.' Hi John, Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!I have tried to use the regsvr32 C:\winnt\system32\vislib.dllbut it errors with: regsvr32 load library ("c:\winnt\system32\vislib.dll") failed - the specifed module could not be found. the size of the file is 6.05mb (6,351,744 bytes)Thanks Try this link: ________________________________________________________________If you want to get the best response to a question, please check out FAQ222-2244 first'If we're supposed to work in Hex, why have we only got A fingers?Hi guys, I have recently installed visio onto my computer (i have admin rights) and all seemed to go fine, i run the application up for the first time and visio builds its directory cache.I close visio, then open it again and it comes up with the error message:"- unable to locate dll -the dynamic link library could not be found in the specified path C:\documents and settings\administrator\desktop;, C:\winnt\system32;, C:\winnt\system32;,c:\winnt;,c:\winnt\system32\wbem It's a windows 2000 professional machine, I can find the in C:\winnt\system32, but when i copy it do the specifed locations it doesn't help at all. Microsoft doesn't seem to appear to know anyrthing about it, nor do any search engines that I have been looking through.The Express-G and ORM Diagram templates are standard Visio stencils and are also included in Microsoft Visio 2003 Professional.These templates can only be used for drawing diagrams so they are not further discussed in this book.