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Dame Vera’s songbook, with her blind patriotism and some hopelessly dated lyrics (“the empire too/we can depend on you”) seems an odd soundtrack for progressivism.Yet her songs and story offer hope and inspiration to those of us hoping to once again stem the rising tide of fascism.The strains of Vera Lynn singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’ wafted through the park. Many knew that for them, "this is the last time," as former Royal Marine Boyland Henry, 78, said. And for most of those gathered there that day, it no doubt was “the last time". It too featured “We’ll Meet Again” and “(There’ll be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover.” The British remain captivated by World War II, much more so than Americans, no doubt because it was so close to home, indeed, for a time, during the bombing of Britain, it was at home.And Vera Lynn, like Winston Churchill before her, is one of the last universal symbols of that time, Britain’s “finest hour,” her songs an instant jog to a distant memory.

He also has two other brothers and another sister outside of the family in which he was raised and they were occasionally involved in his life.

The Sheppard Peace Movement, as it was initially named, became the Peace Pledge Union in May 1936.

It should be noted that Sheppard's appeal to renounce war was not widened to include women until 1936.

Vera is the 2005 WEC Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion. Brandon Vera is of Filipino descent, the son of a Filipino father, Ernesto, and his Filipino step-mother, Amelia.

His birth mother is Italian-American and was not involved in most of his upbringing.

Vera was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, and attended Lake Taylor High School where he excelled in wrestling and earned a four-year athletic scholarship to Old Dominion University.

However, he dropped out of Old Dominion after a year and a half when he felt college was not for him, and enlisted himself in the United States Air Force.

The attitudes of the general public towards pacifists in the opening months of the war were very mixed, including attitudes of overt hostility, studied indifference, latent sympathy and open admiration.

Mass Observation, the pioneering social survey organisation, conducted a survey in Fulham, a mostly working-class district of London, in April 1940.

Brandon Michael Vera (born October 10, 1977) is an Filipino-American mixed martial artist currently signed with ONE FC.

A professional competitor since 2002, he has formerly competed for the UFC and the WEC.