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For installation in areas that are easily accessible such as a new room addition, a basement or even a crawl space, it will be a littler easier because you’ll have increased access to the area where the ductwork is being installed.Whether it’s new ductwork or replacement ductwork, the material is installed in a network system meaning ducts will need to run throughout the ceiling and a vent will need to be installed in each room for complete heating and cooling circulation.Read Daniel Glickman's Q&A, "Should we replace our PVC-lined flexible heating ducts with another type of duct work?"to learn more about choosing duct work for a healthy home.When working with fiberglass insulation, always wear: Gloves are a good idea, too, but it can be hard to do the delicate fitting and taping required while wearing them.Start by turning your heating/cooling system on and feeling along the ducts for air leaks, paying particular attention to any joints or connections in the ductwork.

Cover any air leaks with metallic foil tape made for sealing ductwork.The typical home has holes that leak out a full third of its heating and cooling costs.The biggest issues happen where you can’t see them.Mastic is a superior sealant to tape and I've had severe difficulty in some cases passing the Energy Star duct air leakage test without mastic (i.e., using tape).For more information: See the EPA's Energy Star websitefor more information on air leakage and sealing your ducts.In many homes, the heater seems to be on forever before you get warm.Or the AC’s humming, but you don’t feel any cold air.If rooms are accessible via the attic, you can install the ductwork and vents that way.If your home has a flat roof with no attic crawl space and no ceiling tiles, the drywall or plaster ceiling must be removed.So you think something big must be wrong: the heating and cooling system is broken or all the windows need replacing.But before you start a major energy upgrade with major costs, do something simple: look up, look down.