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Updating date in oracle

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i want to set some more records to that values using update command.

Hi there, just moving your post to one of the SQL forums, where the experts will be far better qualified to address your query.

The first syntactical form, called a searched update, updates the value of one or more columns for all rows of the table for which the WHERE clause evaluates to TRUE.

The second syntactical form, called a positioned update, updates one or more columns on the current row of an open, updatable cursor.

became part of Oracle Fusion Middleware as part of acquisition of BEA Systems in 2008.

If columns were specified in the FOR UPDATE clause of the SELECT statement used to generate the cursor, only those columns can be updated.

If no columns were specified or the select statement did not include a FOR UPDATE clause, all columns may be updated.

To achieve this goal Windows and OS X users that rely on Java’s auto-update mechanism will have their JRE 7 replaced with JRE 8.

The Java auto-update process updates the latest version of Java on a user’s Windows and OS X machine.

Specifying DEFAULT for the update value sets the value of the column to the default defined for that table.

The DEFAULT literal is the only value which you can directly assign to a generated column.

During the automatic update from JRE 7 to JRE 8, if a user only has one version of Java 7 the auto-update process will replace that JRE 7 with the latest version of JRE 8 leaving only JRE 8 in the system.

OS X users can only have one JRE available through web browsers so OS X users will only have JRE 8 available through the web browser after the upgrade On Windows, the auto-update process updates only the latest JRE on your system.

Dear All I have to insert/update a date column while creating a new item, but the problem is i am able to insert/update only date but i need both date and time along with AM/PM. Date(); long date Long = Time(); stmt Date(33, new

By using these 3 lines i am able to insert/update only date. Date(date Long)); Below code retrives the date exactly what i need but unable to pass in the statement: Date Format formatter = new Simple Date Format("dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss a"); Date(); String stringdate = formatter.format(d); String tmpdate = date Format(); stmt String(33, tmpdate); -- I tried with set Object as well but same error coming.