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If you are programmatically creating the column using SQL, if you want to let the user add or not add a value for the column, type the NULL keyword on the right side of the data type.If you want to require a value for the column, type NOT NULL.One of the quickest ways to do this is to use the Find feature that is built into Access.

Consequently if you later, as good practice, split your database the tables become attached tables and the code is likely to fail.

While you are viewing a record, you can change its data, then click the Update button to copy those changes to the database.

For example, if you discovered that there was an error in the order quantity, you could change it.

The Total formula on the Input sheet would automatically recalculate, to show the revised amount.

When you're finished changing the record, click the Update button, and the revised data will appear in that record on the database sheet.

This feature has been added the Version 2 sample file, which has Add, Update, New and Delete buttons In this version, 3 named ranges were added: The New button runs a macro that clears the Data Entry Clear range, and puts the next available ID number in the IDNum cell.

Before updating the database record, the Update code checks to see of all the mandatory data entry cells are filled in.

You can add records to a table by using the datasheet view of the table or by inputting them from a form view.

Before you can add records to the table, you need to open it.

When you are in the datasheet view, you just need to go to the end of the table and click in any of the fields to begin the record.

Top of the Page There will be times that you need to find records based on specific values in a field.