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Android device and chipset manufacturers may also publish security vulnerability details specific to their products, such as: To get notifications when a new Android bulletin is published, join the Android Security Updates group, and set your email delivery preference to receive all updates.

New Android users are often disappointed to discover that their shiny new smartphone won’t get any updates – or worse, that it was running old software from the moment they bought it.

Unlike Apple’s ecosystem, where Apple releases a single i Phone each generation, Android is a much more open (and messy) environment.

Any manufacturer can make a smartphone or tablet, throw Android on it, and release it.

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Also using the recently released 24.0.0 support library.

Security has always been a major focus for Android and Google Play: Android was built from day one with security in mind.

Monthly device updates are an important tool to make and keep Android users safe.

Some of us want more control over what is installed on our Androids, and that includes updates to our apps.

Maybe you want to read change logs, or want to read what others are saying about the latest version before you jump in and update.

Some phones are made to be super-cheap, available free on contract or for inexpensive purchase by people in developing countries.

Some are “flagship” phones with more advanced hardware than the i Phone.