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People database cleaning updating

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Now, when i run the update query to the database, I would like to skip a field if it has not been filled in.

So, if the user leaves the first name filed blank and changes the last name i would like to update only the last name and don't change the first name value already stored into the database.

Discuss update multiple columns using mysql UPDATE in the My SQL Development forum on Dev Articles.

update multiple columns using mysql UPDATE My SQL Development forum to discuss administration, SQL syntax, and other My SQL-related topics.

I've searched on google for an answer and someone suggested to use a update query with a case statement like this one: UPDATE table SET field1 = CASE WHEN input = '' THEN field1 ELSE input END , field2 = CASE WHEN input2 = '' THEN field2 ELSE input2 END , field3 = CASE WHEN input3 = '' THEN field3 ELSE input3 END WHERE ID = 123$update_values = array(); if(!

empty($user_first)) $update_values[] = "user_first='".$user_first."'"; if(! empty($user_last)) $update_values[] = "user_last='".$user_last."'"; $update_values_imploded = implode(', ', $update_values); if( !

Somewhat obvious note: if you modify the database in this lesson, you should delete the database and reimport it for the other lessons that use it.

If you don't want to go through that hassle, you can duplicate the tables via the GUI, e.g.

Thanks, Jon If your ID is an integer, you shouldn't need quotes around $ID.

Once data has been added to a My SQL database table, it is invariably necessary to delete or update some or all of that data.

In this chapter we will cover the issue of updating and deleting data in table rows.

If you have already created your My SQL database and you decide after the fact that one of the columns is named incorrectly, you don't need to remove it and make a replacement; you can simply rename it.

You rename a column in My SQL using the ALTER TABLE and CHANGE commands together to change an existing column.

The UPDATE statement requires a few items of information in order to operate.

Firstly, it needs the name of the table that is to be updated.

The WHERE keyword is probably the most important part of the statement to remember.

Without a WHERE condition, the update will be applied to every row in the table.

When updating data in a table it is possible to either update specific rows, or to update all the rows in a table.

These tasks are achieving using the SQL UPDATE statement combined with the SET and WHERE keywords.