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Tragic tale of teen dating violence

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Every year features a different speaker who inspires a sold out crowd to give to the organization. Johanna didn’t fit whatever stereotype you might expect of a teen in that mess.Speakers are typically survivors of domestic violence and have powerful stories of perseverance and old fashion hutzpah that brought them to where they are today. She was smart, attractive, popular, and outgoing with many friends.She was known for being kind, caring and deeply involved in the lives of friends -- attributes her classmates lauded in her senior yearbook, along with her singing voice and warm smile.She discussed her ex-boyfriend's antisocial behavior with friends, and they decided together that she should be the one to reach out to him.How is it that no one saw the signs that said he had been abusing her for months?While the only person to blame in this situation is the young man with the gun, we do have to realize that those around her were not well educated on the signs of teen dating violence or it’s frequency. Think about what that does to the rest of their lives and their abilities to become successful adults.Did you know that 1 out of 3 teens experience dating violence? Now think about one third of them being in abusive relationships. And yes, it happens in all schools and in all social economic groups. Personally, I had no idea the numbers were this high.

But Lauren, 18, didn't stop worrying about Nate, especially as he withdrew from his friends.Each year she works with schools within a 12-county service area.She said her services are needed, but sometimes even getting the message out is difficult.The Nation of Neighbors grant helped bridge the communications gap."One of the biggest obstacles for me is actually getting into the schools to talk about teen dating violence prevention," said Knapp.Such headlines have one thing in common: uncontrolled anger.Each example highlights an extreme effect of this powerful emotion—the devastating, life-changing events that can result when tempers flare.MESA, Ariz., June 1, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kristy Knapp is on a crusade to stop teen dating violence and thanks to a ,000 grant she received from Royal Neighbors of America's Nation of Neighbors SM program, she is making progress.Since receiving her grant Knapp, a prevention specialist with the Crisis Center & Women's Shelter in Ottumwa, Iowa, has dramatically increased her outreach.Yet God’s Word reveals both the consequences of this potent emotion and how to keep yourself from “flying off the handle.” Proverbs states, “A wrathful man stirs up strife: but he that is slow to anger appeases strife.” Proverbs demonstrates two distinct ways to respond to stressful situations.The first half of the verse explains the undesirable result of lacking self-control: “A wrathful man stirs up strife…”The word wrathful has a much greater meaning than just being angry.