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Top 10 most intimidating college football stadiums

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With the 2011 College Football season already on its way, it’s time to refresh this list.It’s been two years since we put this list out, and its still the same ten stadiums that have the largest capacity in College Football, with a few shifts.While some of these chants and sayings are more well known nationally than others, they all are important to their specific teams.From cool sayings before the game, to stadium chants during the game, here are 50 of the best in all of college football. The BYU motto has been "Band of Brothers" for only a few years, and even though the Utah Utes tried to make fun of it with their "Band of Sisters" saying, these three words mean a lot to the BYU football program.Those numbers, the conference names, are likely to change pretty soon.We begin with the SEC West and Baton Rouge, where the LSU Tigers play their football at the originally named stadium… It is the fourth largest stadium in the SEC, and has also gained the nickname – “Death Valley”, due to the high level of cheering and noise produced by the fans in the stadium.Students evaluate a college or university based on many factors that go far beyond the strength of faculty or programs offered. A school that has a highly visible and acoustically superb space dedicated to the performing arts will almost certainly make the top of your list.

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Still with the SEC, and we arrive at Sanford Stadium in Athens, Georgia, home of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Quick, when you think of amazing buildings, what image comes to mind?

Is it anything like one of the 25 Most Amazing Campus Buildings assembled here?

We are betting that at least a few of our Top 25 entries matched your mental picture.

Our collection of impressive buildings, though, has one major difference you may not have thought of: the grandiosity of these structures is justified.

Most importantly, especially for Michigan fans – Michigan Stadium is back on top, as the top 3 spots are owned by Big Ten teams.

The SEC has four venues, The Pac-12 with two and one from the Big 12.

It is not the university itself that tells us these things; does. It is our most respected political commentators and economists. It is our favorite teacher and our guidance counselor and maybe even our own Tiger Mom. We might worry from time to time about the liberal professors who infest the academy, but school is still where you go to “write your destiny,” to use President Obama’s 2010 description of education generally.

Go to college, or else your destiny will be written by someone else.

The bachelor’s degree that universities issue is a “credential” that’s “a prerequisite for 21st century jobs,” says the White House website.

Obama himself equates education with upward mobility—more schooling equals more success—as well as with national greatness.