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Top 10 intimidating cars

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Interestingly, cars from the 1980s are going to be strong, and even cars from the early 2000s are starting to show value as future classic cars.Here is Hagerty’s list of best classic cars to buy for 2017: Not a surprising pick at all seeing how nostalgic JDM and fans have been going bonkers over all things Supra, the average price for one of these coupes is ,000.Lambo’s chassis engineer and test driver extraordinaire Bob Wallace had his own ideas though, building the Jota in his spare time as a ‘What If’ project.With special aircraft-spec alloy bodywork peppered with lift-cutting spoilers, experimental suspension and a reputed 440bhp squeezed from its V12, it was a bit of an animal. Built on Aventador running gear to celebrate Lambo’s 50th anniversary, the Veneno featured 740bhp, vents big enough to swallow a Smart car whole, and was somehow road-legal. Making the Veneno look like the height of restraint and good taste, the Egoista was a one-seat-only, Gallardo-engined mash-up of Apache helicopter and single-seater racing car. The prospect of performing a new car search can be exciting on one hand but frustrating on the other.With thousands of new cars on the market; how do you find the one that is the right fit for you?The challenge will be finding one in stock condition that hasn’t been abused, but if you can find one, it’s guaranteed to pay for itself one day.

Begin your new car search by browsing by category, manufacturer, or price. Find and compare numerous new cars for sale by price.

ALSO SEE: Top 10 Japanese Sports Cars of the ’90s A bit on the rich side of things, the average value for this rare, race-bred Porsche hovers around 0,000.

But for high-end collectors, these Porsches have the right blend of rarity and performance that cements their collector car status.

So we grow up dreaming of dicing with the Ferraris like Steven Mc Queen did in . It's Vin Diesel in a Charger, Dwayne Johnson driving a mean truck and Michelle Rodriguez wearing a T-shirt two sizes too small. (1983) 1983 Wagon Queen Family Truckster — Clark Griswold's indignities start when he doesn't get the Sport Wagon he ordered. Under all the goofball decoration, there was a Ford Country Squire. (1974) 1934 Ford Coupe — This TV movie made the '34 Three-Window built by Pete Chapouris one of the most famous hot rods of all time. The film was so well received it was later released into theaters.

These aren't TV cars or cars featured in You Tube videos or cars prominently mentioned in haikus. (2006) 1979 Volkswagen Bus — The T2 version of VW's glorious transporter is the setting for most of this cross-country comedy about family dysfunction. A replica Mustang was built and is owned by Richard Rawlings of (2002) 1969 Mystery Machine Van — Without the Mystery Machine, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Scooby and Shaggy go nowhere. (2013) 1969 Ford Mustang — Based on the "Anvil" custom showcar built by Steve Strope's Pure Vision Design. The same can't be said for the several Mustangs that were sacrificed in order to film it being run over by a tank. (1964) 1964.5 Ford Mustang Convertible — Driven through the Swiss Alps by Tilly Masterson, it dances with James Bond's Aston Martin and gets chewed up by the Aston's spinning hubs before crashing in a ditch.

Despite going through some awkward "wedge" phases in its early days, the Esprit hit its stride with the early '90s S4 variant.

By the twin-turbo V-8 generation, it had evolved into a legitimate exotic.

Bin the windscreen in exchange for two tiny aero screens and the engine cover for a pair of roll hoop buttresses. If and when the next one arrives, it probably won’t be anything like this one, though: a Countach-sourced V12, 345/60 R17 Pirelli tyres, and two metres of overall width.

Between the uncertainty of what would make a good investment, fluctuations in pricing, and the inevitable wrenching and frustration, buying a classic car can be very intimidating.

Afraid of losing its "pony car" crown to the archrival Chevy Camaro, Ford created the Boss 302 variant of the perennially popular Mustang to underscore the importance of legitimate performance over maximum power.

► Lambos aren't known for being shy and retiring► We name 10 of the wildest bulls of the lot► Some are all-time greats, some perhaps best forgotten Earlier this week, we learned that Lamborghini was considering a less extreme, ‘more politically correct and elegant’ design direction to appeal to ‘a different kind of customer’.