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* However, with JAVA , the easiest approach is to catch a Parse Exception.

Textarea maxlength validating Nudecam chat

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Is there any possibility to generalize this code so it can handle multiple text areas, like a function and just pass the parameters?

As we have seen in earlier articles, in order to work with forms in Java Script, it is imperative to obtain references to the form object and its elements.

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In the above code, “index” refers to the position of the element in the “elements” collection array, and “element_name” is the name of the element.

I switched the order of the alert and the value truncate - in the original order, the onkeyup would alert, causing the control to lose focus and the onblur to fire since the field had not been truncated yet.

will not handle the paste if it is done through a context menu or a browser menu.

Here's an example that limits a form field to contain only numeric input (on the fly, of course! Try typing in stuff other than numbers into the above box- you can't. By checking to see whether the keycode of the key pressed as the user types falls within the range of the number keys (48~57), and if not, returns false, which disables the keypress action.

How did I know 48 to 57 represents the keycode of the numeric keys?

Step 1 First of all you need to download the Angular JS external file that can be done either from the j Query official website or you can also download the source code that I have provided at the top of this article.

Step 2 Now I will first show how to implement Min Length Validation using Angular JS.

This site and all of its contents are referring to Angular JS (version 1.x), if you are looking for the latest Angular, please visit

If you want to limit the characters your user/visitor can type in an input field, you CAN, using the maxlength attribute.

The value of the textarea is reset only the first time the textarea field gets focus, by setting its value attribute to the empty string. In order to set the value of a text input field element in a form, we can use the following code: Let us look at an example to illustrate how to set the value of the text input element through javascript.

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