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Whether you are simply curious about Panteras and classic De Tomasos, considering a future purchase, a new owner, a long time owner, or even the member of another club, we invite you to join our community; and we hope you'll participate too!The more people participate, the greater these forums serve as a resource for everyone. Ownership of a De Tomaso automobile is not required.This is a fabulous sub, a classic of its kind, but it's far more than I need or can really use.

And the administrators’ report now reveals that total estimated debts of the company stand at £2,210,408 which comprises the total sums owed to creditors, administration fees and legal costs.

Morrison (hereafter “Claimant”) filed three proofs of claim, all for the same amount. Claimant sought priority status for his claim, while the Administrator in her objection opposes such status for Claimant’s claim. Funds were deposited by Claimant’s employer annually during each of the last three years before his retirement. In the course of his briefing, Claimant makes it clear that it is the second payment of ,500.00 that he believes to be entitled to priority status. DISCUSSION Claimant seeks priority status for at least part of his claim. The only provision in § 507 which might here be deemed relevant is § 507(a)(5) which provides: 11 U.

ORDER SUSTAINING THE POST-CONSUMMATION TRUST ADMINISTRATOR’S SIXTEENTH OMNIBUS OBJECTION TO THE CLAIM OF KENNETH E. In these jointly administered chapter 11 cases Kenneth E. Beth Savage, CPA, in her capacity as the Post-Consummation Trust Administrator of the SL Liquidating Post-Consummation Trust, (hereafter “Administrator”) filed a Sixteenth Omnibus Objection to various claims. The present bankruptcy cases, which are being jointly administered, were filed May 8, 2009. The second payment, amounting to ,500.00 was to be paid to Claimant before the end of April 2009, which was prior to the bankruptcy filing. The Administrator does not dispute a liability to Claimant pursuant to the terms of the rabbi trust, but contends that Claimant is entitled to the status only of an unsecured creditor for any of the payments due under that agreement. In order to succeed in his assertion that he is entitled to priority status, Claimant must show that he is entitled by the provisions of § 507 to that status. § 507 Priorities * * * Fifth, allowed unsecured claims for contributions to an employee benefit plan— (A) arising from services rendered within 180 days before the date of the filing of the petition or the date of the cessation of the debtor’s business, whichever occurs first . Moreover, Claimant in his brief states that his claim “is not a contribution to an employee benefit plan .

Welcome to the meeting place of the internet's oldest, largest and most active community of owners and enthusiasts of classic De Tomaso automobiles.

If you are an owner or an enthusiast of any classic De Tomaso automobile this collection of forums was created for YOU.

This unit is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and it is ON SALE NOW FOR ONLY 0.00Last one in White Leather! Whilst this turntable might be at the starting end of the Gold Note collection, it is by no means a budget player.

The arm is based on the B5.1 (retails on its own for €790) which shows just how good this arm is, and the spindle and motor are inspired by the more expensive turntables. And if you don’t like transparent looks, there is a choice of other finishes, which come in at an even cheaper price-point.

In Re: SL Liquidating, Inc., et al., Chapter 11, Debtor.

Claimant filed a response, and the Administrator filed a reply.

S-L Liquidating Company filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation in the State of Texas and is no longer active.

This corporate entity was filed approximately 102 years ago on Friday, December 10, 1915 as recorded in documents filed with Texas Secretary of State.