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People fellaini dating rooney cousin

HIM may have notched up more than eight million sales since their inception in Helsinki 21 years ago, becoming Finland’s biggest ever musical export in the process, but their frontman can burst the bubble of pomposity and pretension – not least his own – with a well-aimed one-liner. He looks well-kept and refreshed, like a character from a Byron poem. [Laughs] As we grow older, there are a lot of sleepless nights. How do you know when it’s time to make a new album? We can’t afford to take taxis any more, I couldn’t afford to change the strings on my acoustic guitar. Musically, it was a mood we were after – trying to capture the sludgy, Electric Wizard-meets-Kyuss-meets-Black Sabbath-type of riffs with the more wimpy, Roy Orbison type of stuff. They found that he had some nerve damage, and at the same time Repetitive Strain Injury. ” We had this existential crisis, which enabled us for the first time in years to reflect a bit: “What does this band mean to us? ” Then we had a big meeting to try and figure out what to do: “Should we get somebody else to play if he can’t do it?
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