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Its popularity is no mystery: anyone can download the software for free, and talk to anyone else with Skype, anywhere in the world, also for free. (Skype makes most of its money from people who “Skype Out,” buying credit that lets them Skype land lines or mobiles for as little as 2.1 cents a minute.) The technology has created a wave of Skype Love, which means millions of romantic partners around the world can live in different cities, countries, and time zones and not actually be separated, as long as they have a computer with an Internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam. It was in the middle of the fourth month apart that we discovered a novel approach: Scrabulous and Skype. The woman in this video explains how she once woke up her boyfriend when she was having a nightmare. We discovered new possibilities for long-distance intimacy .
A few years after the highly-sensationalized Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup, rumors about them getting back together are still very much existent.