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Indiana's definition of "disorderly conduct" is modeled after the Model Penal Code's definition, and is typical, but not identical, to similar laws on the statute books of other U. "Fighting" is perhaps the clearest act within the scope of its prohibition, and "tumultuous conduct" is "conduct [...] likely to result in serious bodily injury to a person or substantial damage to property." But exactly what constitutes "tumultuous conduct", "unreasonable noise", or "disrupt[ing] a lawful assembly" are matters that are far harder to decide, and as such disorderly conduct statutes give police officers and other authorities fairly broad discretion to arrest people whose activities they find undesirable for a wide variety of reasons.
The Fox dating show "The Choice" has a slate of famous single celebrities lined up for its first season, including Joe Jonas, a couple of "Jersey Shore" stars (Pauly D and "The Situation") and model Tyson Beckford among the men, and Carmen Electra and ex-Miss USA Rima Fakih among the women, Entertainment Weekly reported.