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You need Media Player to install i Cloud for Windows.

If you turned off Windows Media Features, or if your PC didn't come with Windows Media Player, i Cloud for Windows won't install.

Because this function is not supported prior to V6R1, Brmssysa and Brmssysb cannot be configured, so media movement done on these systems will not be synched back to the V6R1 system.

If not, BRMS will constantly try update the status of the cartridges until the tape media library is varied on.Before you try to install or set up i Cloud for Windows, log in as an administrator.You can use these steps to download i Cloud for Windows on your PC, then set it up to automatically keep your documents, photos, bookmarks, and more up to date.Is there a way to flush cache and then do a rescan maybe? Cheers, Draz Edited by Drazgo, 14 September 2014 - PM.Hey Jamesplay, I took a look at the Metadata Manager and I think the problem was because my Region was set to English (Australia).Then, you can visit Windows Update to install any additional updates.(You must install the April 2015 servicing stack update for Windows 7 first.) OK, so what about Windows 8.1 users?“While we’ve spent a lot of time over the past year talking about Windows 10 (including new roadmap details), we know that organizations are still working with Windows 7 too, regularly updating their Windows 7 SP1 images to include the latest updates, app versions, and more,” Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer notes.The Windows 7 SP1 convenience rollup is exactly what Windows 7 users have been asking for, for years: All the security and non-security fixes that Microsoft has released for Windows 7 since the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1). Windows 7 SP1 shipped back in February 2011, and was the last (and only) major update to that OS.In order to set this up, the following requirements must be met: BRMS networking is required and set up. Using the example setup in this document, Brmssysa and Brmssysb are at V5R4.See how to set up the BRMS network by referring to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document New, BRMS Networking: Adding, Removing, or Renaming a System. The following steps list how to configure this using System i navigator: 1. You should right click on Media, and select Manage Devices. A list of tape devices defined in BRMS is displayed. Select the device you want to configure, right click on it , select List actions, and then select Manage Tape Media Library Connections.... Media movement using the BRMS commands done on this V6R1 system will be broadcast to these two V5R4 systems.