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If you try telling me that you've never sent a racy text/pic/emoji then you are a goddamn liar. After the great Fappening of 2014 we, women especially, have been told that sending explicit messages and, god forbid, a nudie photo can and will come back to bite you on your *peach emoji*. So let's not pretend we don't all do it every now and again.

The media would have you believe that sexting is purely a teen epidemic, however studies show that we love exchanging a flirty message well into our 20s and 30s.

Crap also passes for any article found in Uncyclopedia. The word crap is the retarded sibling of shit which is much more offensive and entertaining.

If wanting to pwn someone or incite funny internet drama, thus increasing the lulz, don’t use this word, you’ll just make a dickhead of yourself.

Crap or "brown gold" can either be used literally when talking about fæces or figuratively to describe something as being of fucktard quality.

Some argue that crap is sexually arousing, but they are mistaken.

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[ SFW ] - Landlord Rents to Medical Marijuana Biz; Faces More Prison than Rapist.

[ SFW ] - Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone [ SFW ] - Alice in Wonderland All Grown Up Art. hahaha [ SFW ] - In case you haven't heard about the Trayvon Martin case.

After collecting this important data we have compiled them into a one stop shop for all your sexy emoticon needs...

Surprising as this may seem, this is the emoji that seems to pop up most in sexting/flexting (a word for flirty texting which I just made up).

[NSFW] - You need to buy a FLESHLIGHT today, you will not regret it, trust me.

[ SFW ] - Ron Burgundy's "Anchorman" Announcement on Conan.

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