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Latin Euro dating stats show men and some women preferred large breasted women than any other body type.
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The ratio of number of residents in Ottawa to the number of sex offenders is 232 to 1.

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(top) When the wind is howling through your window pane It's not the only pain of the night You're burning up in your bed, you got a fever of love And there's not an anti-body in sight Hey Jenny, Jenny Why are you crying? An endless army af mirrors out of control, reflecting people to death. And almost always when I put the real thing in front of the mirrors It's not nearly as beautiful as the reflection that came first. the sharks, the geeks, and the sadists, the latter category which I had specifically stated I didn't want, the ones who wanted endless dirty talk the ones who wanted to be punished, the ones who could only boast about the bank- rolls and/or their equipment, and this definitely includes the teacher who said: "All the kids want my stuff", the businessman had an adjective for every letter in his last name: "R is for rich", the ones and they were many who said: "my name is so and so, how far do you go", the 300 pound lady judge who screamed abuse at me, the transvestite who wanted me to support him, the numerous young studs who had nothing to offer besides the negative result of their goddamn blood tests, the diminutive actor and all the other short ones, the astronomer who cried like a baby and said he'd been betrayed by every star he ever knew, the fanatic priest who wanted me to confess to things I'd never even dreamed of, the worn out soldiers, the burned out poets,the pumped up jocks and the used up kids, the racists, including the one at whose place I left my white sweater and I'd rather cut off my right thumb go back for it... I'll be starting school next month and I just don't want to be bothered.

There's a beauty of a moon in the sky But I guess when you've been leading such a sheltered life You never lift your head and look so high You don't have a lot But it's all that you got And you can turn it into more than it seems Give it a shot Fantasize every movement and Imagine every inch of your dream No one said it had to be real But it's gotta be something you can reach out and feel It ain't right It ain't fair Castles fall in the sand And we fade in the air And the good girls go to heaven But the bad girls go everywhere Good girls go to heaven Bad girls go everywhere Somebody told me so Somebody told me now I know Every night in my prayer I'll be praying that the Good girls go to heaven But the bad girls go everywhere When the sweat is sizzling on your skin in the dark And you're desperate now for somewhere to turn Every muscle in rebellion Every nerve is on edge And every limb has been erotically burned Hey Johnny, Johnny Why are you shaking? I've been dreaming up a storm lately Over and over again And now I can't stop, can't stop... And at that point I have to destroy the real thing And go out looking again until finally I find another real thing, A thing that does match what's inside the mirror and which is truly worthy of the beautiful reflection that came first. the drunks, junkies crack and cokeheads, the multitude of liars and especially the nice ones who never called back!

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You know that it'll never be enough You can fly and never land And never need to sleep But will it ever be enough? And when you kiss me like this When you hold me like that And if I touch you like this And if we...

You know that it'll never be enough It's not enough to make the nightmares go away It's not enough to make the tears run dry It's not enough to live a little better every day Everything that they taught us Was nothing but lies Everything that they bought us Was nothing but bribes But it'll all be over now All I wanted was a piece of the night I never got an equal share When the stars are out of sight And the moon is down The natives are so restless tonight All I needed was a spot in the light It never had to get so dark When the stars are out of sight And the moon is down The natives are so restless tonight The natives are so restless tonight I've been looking for the ultimate crime Infinite victims, infinitessimal time And I'm so very guilty for no reason or rhyme So now I'm just looking And killing some time Endlessly searching for the ultimate crime You can lose yourself in pleasure Till your body's going numb But will it ever be enough? They kept spreading out And now I can't seem to stop them. (top) THE WANT AD This is addressed to all the people who answered or may be thinking of answering the personal ad I placed in volume 2, number 15 of this newspaper two weeks ago friday.