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Freddie and his henchman are tracing the transmitter that he had put in Jeanette’s mobile phone and they find her unconscious and bloody in a barn, with no sign of the baby.Henrik takes Freddie to the police station for questioning after he had explained that Jeanette was his surrogate mother.He tells Henrik that he had found Marc shot at the cottage and Henrik asks if he told the police about that. Rasmus is drafted in to replace Saga and he tells Henrik that despite what he might have heard, he is a “damn good police”. Now that the baby has been taken, Henrik prompts Linn to call in all available resources, which includes Saga. The father of Annika comes in to speak to Saga and Henrik and tells them that he is not her real father.longhairdivas, does not warrant the information presented here. This warning page constitutes a legal Agreement between longhairdivas, and yourself, as well as any business entity of which you have any legal or equitable interest.Furthermore, a listing is not to be construed as any type of implied endorsement for the authors or services of the listed pages or the information contained thereon. Postal official, or law enforcement agent, or acting as an agent thereof, attempting to obtain any evidence for the prosecution of any individual or corporation, or for the purpose of entrapment. If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable by a Court of compentent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the enforcability of the other portions of this Agreement.The format has been exported to over 40 other countries, and has also inspired a modern dance-themed spin-off Strictly Dance Fever.The show is currently presented by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman.For the most recent series, see Strictly Come Dancing (series 14).For the South African series, see Strictly Come Dancing (South African TV series).That's probably not going to get a 10, but that goofy Charleston-come-jive was great fun and on the money.It was so packed with content, Frankie didn't showcase her personality so much, which may cost her points.