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Especially if you allow microphone/camera access (such as chat roulette).

Senior adult videochat

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It is the safe and secure tablet app that protects them from scams, unauthorized pop-ups, and uncalled-for alerts.

Oscar Senior provides a simple, yet unbreakable interface, with large prompts and prints for seamless browsing and app usages.

For this tech-savvy elder population, there are a variety of applications designed to help them stay socially connected and physically healthy as they age.

Other health providers and referral sources will hear about the savvy ways that your community is using technology for helping residents and families communicate.

Families themselves also are likely to give their own referrals of other family members or friends.

Claris Companion provides peace of mind by allowing you to see, at a glance, that your loved one is okay.

Our service non-intrusively monitors your family member’s activity, compliance and wellness.

That’s why the Grand Pad tablet is such an interesting product.

It’s just a Nexus 7 tablet at its core, but it runs a customized version of Android that’s designed specifically for older users.

We now know that over half of 65 adults use the Internet, and this number is steadily on the rise.

With a steady increase in mobile options, including tablets, smartphones, and e-readers, the older population in America is gradually becoming more tech-savvy.

Speak face-to-face with your loved one using Companion’s video chat.

Unlike other popular video chat applications, Claris Companion is private, secure, and incredibly easy to use.