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Romney asked if interracial dating a sin dating mr ego

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Mitt Romney must answer to his missing tax returns and his flip-flops on key issues.

But there is something else Mitt Romney should be explaining, says author Kendal Sheets, and that’s his Mormon faith.“Interest in Mormonism has certainly grown since Romney became the Republican nominee,” says Sheets, coauthor along with Meredith Ray Sheets of . But few interviewers have asked Romney point-blank to explain where he falls on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ more controversial issues and how those beliefs would influence how he would run the nation as president.”In , Meredith Sheets, a retired petroleum industry executive, and Kendal Sheets, whose experience as an intellectual property and patent attorney makes him uniquely qualified to uncover plagiarism and fraud, compare content from historic books with the content of The Book of Mormon. Through careful analysis, the authors show that The Book of Mormon, written by Joseph Smith and published in 1830, is nothing more than a cleverly disguised plagiarism of The Travels of Marco Polo, the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World as recorded by his son, histories of the Spanish conquest of Mexico, and travel journals.

"I'm sorry, we're just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view," the former Massachusetts governor said. The Mormon Church has been accused in the past of barring interracial marriage, but church officials say emphatically that is not the case.

"But if you have a question, I'll be happy to answer your question." Hatch then asked Romney if he believed "it's a sin for a white man to marry and procreate with a black woman? Romney later returned to the topic of his religion on his own, saying he wanted to speak about "the practices of my faith." He spoke of serving as a pastor in his church for about ten years, an experience he said gave him the opportunity to work with those dealing with personal difficulties such as unemployment, marital problems, and health issues.

HOWARD, Wisconsin - Mitt Romney's faith was thrust into the spotlight on Monday, when a Ron Paul supporter tried to quote a passage from a Mormon text and asked Romney if he believed interracial marriage is a sin.

The question arose during a town hall in this suburb of Green Bay by 28 year-old Bret Hatch, who came prepared with a piece of paper that contained quotes from Mormon scripture.

Around 40 people were arrested in Moscow on Sunday after gay activists demanding the right to hold a gay pride parade in the Russian capital clashed with Orthodox Christians protesting against homosexuality.

As the state of Maine prepares for a crucial vote in November on the legalization of same-sex marriages, hundreds of churches defending the traditional definition of marriage, as between one man and one woman, have pledged to raise money during Sunday services to help the cause.

Also, I think it’s important to note that Romney hasn’t just been an innocent bystander in his religion. ” This has been a question troubling Mormon critics since before the book’s publication in 1830.

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, accompanied by House Budget Committee Chairman Rep.

Paul Ryan, R-Wis., speaks at a building supply store in Green Bay, Wis., Monday, April 2, 2012.

Book of Mormon, Book of Lies puts a magnifying glass on a secretive organization with the money and power to have a deep impact on American religion, finance, and politics today.“Conservatives and liberals alike will argue and have argued that a candidate’s religion shouldn’t matter,” says Sheets. It matters that the Mormon faith has a history of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

It matters that the Church has a net worth estimated at billion and has used those funds to affect the outcomes of political contests.

""Ok, well, in the Mormon book it says there were a blackness came upon all the children of Canaan that they were despised," Hatch continued."I'm sorry we're just not going to have a discussion about religion in my view, but if you have a question, I'll be happy to answer your question," Romney said."I guess my question is do you believe it's a sin for a white man to marry and procreate with a black?

" asked Hatch."No," Romney responded sternly, before turning to face the other side of the room."Next question," said Romney.

By Kendal Sheets Less than a month out from the presidential election, both President Obama and Mitt Romney have done countless interviews. As in any presidential election year, we’ve all been flooded with information about the candidates. President Obama must answer to the unemployment rate.

And yet, says Kendal Sheets, Mitt Romney has never really addressed one very important issue: his Mormon faith and how it would influence a Romney presidency. Both candidates have their share of explaining to do.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney faced a tense moment during his town hall speech in Green Bay, Wis., a day ahead of the state primary on April 3, when an audience member tried to get him to comment on a race question apparently based on a passage from the Book of Mormon.

Romney, who is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been reluctant to focus on his religion during his campaign, but some conservatives have described their unease with what they perceive to be a domination outside mainstream Christianity.