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Reverse dns is not updating

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DNS is known to most Internet users for translating hostnames into IP addresses (called forward resolution).An example of this is entering the browser and receiving an IP address for the server dedicated to that website.This document explains how reverse DNS works and how to configure it for your zone. Further down the tree, there are delegations for the /8 blocks that IANA allocated to the RIRs, the allocations that the RIRs gave to the address holders, all the way down to the individual IP addresses and names that you have configured for your Internet-enabled hosts.The process of reverse resolving an IP address uses the pointer DNS record type (PTR record).In order to do a DNS lookup for data that is associated with a certain IP address, you should map the IP addresses into the DNS name hierarchy.This means that, as an address holder, you will have to configure two things.If you can comprehend the above paragraphs (which takes some time), you'll understand the biggest problem that people have with reverse DNS entries.Because of the shared nature of the Grid, the reverse DNS record for the server is already set.

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Delegations can be managed in IPv4 on bit boundaries (/8, /16 or /24s), and IPv6 networks can be managed on nibble boundaries (every 4 bits of the IPv6 address).For your domains, standard DNS (turning a hostname into an IP address, such as turning host.into starts with the company (registrar) that you registered your domains with.You let them know what DNS servers are responsible for your domain names, and the registrar sends this information to the root servers (technically, the parent servers for your TLD).Then click the green checkbox: At this point you’ll receive a verification message.Computer networks use the Domain Name System (DNS) to determine the IP address associated with a domain name. Reverse DNS Troubleshooting The reverse DNS database of the Internet works with a hierarchical tree of servers, just like forward DNS.First, you have to configure your zone for reverse DNS.Second, you have to request reverse delegation of your zone.For example, in IPv4, you could have a /23 network registered with ARIN that is comprised of two /24 delegations.In this case, you are able to delegate one set of nameservers to the first delegation and another set of nameservers to the second delegation. Occasional users can manage their delegations via ARIN Online, but users who manage a large number of delegations can programmatically modify their delegations using ARIN’s RESTful provisioning system.Once you are logged in click on the Domains link in the left sidebar: Then click on the DNS tab: At the bottom of the page will be a Reverse DNS header.Select the server you wish to set reverse DNS for from the drop down menu: Then click on Add next to the IP for which you’d like to add Reverse DNS: Put the hostname in the box next to the server’s IP.