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Raiden fighters mame not updating php code for validating a form

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and if so can you point me to where i can find other member said took preety damm long......i absolutely agree Agozeryou mensioned about a onfig file that has the countdown finished alreadythose config files does exist?Level 50's first mid-boss in the giant hover tank from the second stage of "Raiden fighters 2".same deal on restarting the game, it does nothing until its returned to update at which time it starts back at 999:rant:.So in short the dip switches dont seem to do anything . :(1) Fire up Raiden Fighters in MAME 2) Press TAB, go to "Dip Switches", and make sure the JP1 dipswitch is set to "Update".After installing a new game, or if the backup battery dies and you replace it, you need to complete an "update" process to allow the game to run.You'll have to complete this process the first time you run a game in MAME, or if your NVRAM files get removed/lost/corrupted or you remove the machine's cfg file.

Level 10's boss is the flying boat in the Train Yard stage of the original "Raiden Fighters".If the game boots to attract mode, there's no more to do and you can start playing straight away. If the game displays hardware error 81 on startup ("HARDWARE ERROR.81" or "ハードウェアエラー81" depending on region), you need to remove the NVRAM files.This can happen if you exit MAME or reset the emulated machine partway through the update procedure.If you see this message, exit MAME, and look inside the "nvram" folder for a folder with the same name as the driver name of the game you're trying to run (by default, the "nvram" folder is in the folder you run MAME from). delete the contents of the "rdftau" folder inside the "nvram" folder if Raiden Fighters (Australia) is displaying hardware error 81), then launch the machine in MAME again.Yeah, so when I open my copies of Raiden Fighters and Viper Phase 1 roms it goes to an UPDATE screen counting down from 999 and then finishes with "please replace xxxx to it's original position" So eh, there anything I can/should do/download?Agozer you mensioned about a onfig file that has the countdown finished already those config files does exist?On a 2GHz or faster CPU, it will make the countdown whiz past in a few seconds rather than a few minutes. just sits there, I have to set the dip back to Update & the counter returns at 999 again.So then I tried letting it count to zero & pressed F3 then changed the dip to either on or off...Level 20's boss is similar to the forest stage giant tank boss from the first "Raiden fighters".Hummingbird XB-3, the boss of the Bomber Squadron stage in "Raiden Fighters 2", makes an appearance in Level 35 as a mid-boss.