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The Consulting Group is comprised of professionals recruited from a variety of disciplines, including finance, accounting, information technology and economics and provides the firm invaluable expertise, perspective and insight into the analysis of each clients circumstance.

In addition to their individual areas of academic and professional training, our Consultants are trained in the litigation process.

Hundreds of debt articles and videos, debt experts that answer your questions, free personal debt relief consultations and plans, low cost debt settlement services, bankruptcy and debt defense attorneys So I have debt from store lines of credit to a bank credit card.

I haven't paid on them since at LATEST December 2007.

You probably already know, Quick Books is a powerful program that can be used for any business: from a construction company or attorney's office to a petting zoo or amusement park!

I know all too well how other books on the market fail to answer fundamentally important questions for landlords.

Chase, citi financial (store line of credit) and Sears line of credit all have it showing closed but I am getting reporting from some debt collector companies.

I live in Arizona and just ordered my actual credit report today.

From all of us at Filcro Legal Staffing, thank you for visiting with us today and enjoy our listings for legal accountants, legal finance professionals, controllers and legal bookkeepers in New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey law firms.

Let us know within 30 days if you’re not fully satisfied, and get a full refund.

Or, after purchasing you can "name your own price" and we’ll refund the excess. They rave about it instead.) Every task is explained in graphical detail, with many screen shots and step by step instructions.

While we have some tips for how to remove collections from your credit report, it’s important to keep in mind that, by federal law, they can be reported for seven and a half years from the date you first fell behind with the original creditor. The first step to dealing with this situation is to get your credit reports and your credit scores so you can understand exactly what is being reported and how it affects your scores.

You can get a free credit report each year from each of the major credit reporting agencies – Equifax, Experian and Trans Union – and you can get two Consumers sometimes ask collection agencies to remove the collection account from their credit reports in exchange for payment.

We explain how to do things with images, arrows, callouts, and clear organization.

Whether you read it straight through, or jump directly into a section, you will understand all how-to steps the first time.

Without guidance, you can easily spend hours (or days) attempting to configure and reconfigure Quick Books for landlording.

1.01 Who Should Read This Book 1.02 What this Book Is 1.03 What this Book Is Not 1.04 When is a Good Time to Read and Implement this?

My questions are can any of them take me to court still because from what I read some debts are 3 years and some are 6 here in Arizona, I am not sure what they fall under, also at 7 years they have to stop reporting to my credit so I am told.

Does this mean that it will show the old reports but they cant continue to report and since the original lenders have the accounts closed can the debt collector who purchased the debt also show up as a closed account or do they just disappear forever?