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Preterist dating the book of revelation

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Preterism denies the future, literal fulfillment of most of its predictions, focusing instead on allegory and symbolism.

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I would love to expand this to show both sides, but this came from notes of a term paper.

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The Preterist view of the end times is based on a symbolic view of the Book of Revelation that holds most of its prophecies have already been fulfilled.

If taken as written, these chapters speak of a future seven-year period during which there will be a world ruler, a new Jewish temple that will be built and then desecrated, a time of great tribulation, and a final battle at Armageddon between the people of God and His enemies at which Christ returns in victory.

This will be followed by the millennial reign of Jesus and ultimately a new heavenly city, new heavens, and a new earth where God's people will dwell with Him forever.

The external evidence supports the traditional date of approximately 95—96 at the end of the apostle John's life.

Research into the historical context of the book of Revelation is necessary in order to understand the message of this book properly. the Romans leveled Jerusalem and the temple, as we know from history. D., on the assumption that John's exile to Patmos was occasioned by the banishment of Jews from Rome by Claudius in 51 [49] A. Moreover, Epiphanius seems to have spoken carelessly, many scholars believe; he probably was referring to Nero (whose full name was Nero Claudius Caesar Drusus Germanicus) as "Claudius."[3] At the other extreme for dating Revelation, Trajan's reign was advanced by the 6th century ascetic, Dorotheus (), and in the commentary at Matthew by Theophylact, an 11th century exegete.

Whenever it was written, Revelation aims to encourage Christians during an imperial persecution.

As external evidence they point to the early church writers like Iraneus ( I concluded that John wrote Revelation about A. 96 during Domitian's anti-Christian persecution, which John saw would expand in later years.