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He reiterated this statement the night before my first day of high school, and it’s a piece of advice I’ve carried with me since. I love the career I’m building and have a group of friends I trust and admire.

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However, see your doctor immediately if you experience ­symptoms you’ve never had before, such as coughing up blood.’Here, we talk to the UK’s cough experts to help you work out what’s behind your symptoms . It usually occurs during the day, prompting a coughing fit that lasts around ten minutes.

In extreme cases, sufferers experience ­incontinence and even fractured ribs.

If your cough lasts for more than eight weeks, he advises ­seeing a GP.

‘A chest X-ray should be ­performed to rule out any serious ­underlying ­disease. A stubborn dry cough that comes and goes, but never quite ­disappears.

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’, shouted obscenities at the 1,700-strong crowd and caused the match to be suspended for a distressed Konta to recover her composure.

A urine test revealed abnormal cells, which led to more testing and eventually, a diagnosis of advanced melanoma skin cancer.It's no wonder we are one of the largest plus size dating sites for big beautiful women seeking sex.Search thousands of profiles of fat women wanting sex in your area.Such coughs used to be ­simply written off as ‘unexplained’.But doctors have recently ­discovered that in some cases the problem is hypersensitivity in the upper ­airways, triggered by a reflux of gas from the stomach.Just about everywhere you turn, it seems, ­people are coughing and spluttering.Yet a recent study by the University of Leicester found that although coughs are one of the most common ­complaints seen by GPs, only 60 per cent of people find a cause. This is an experimental web portal, where open-minded and kinky people like you can share their dirty talikng, secret desires, sex fantasies, concerns and exciting stories.You can read what other people wrote and you can also write something about yourself.You wouldn’t think it would take seven (yes, seven) enormous muscular security guards to control one long-haired 70-year-old Casanova, long past his physical peak, but still obsessed with his looks and sexual prowess.But as Ilie Nastase ranted in the street on Saturday, floppy grey fringe falling into his eyes, bile spewing from his mouth and seemingly doing his best to destroy every last shred of his reputation, the Romanian authorities were taking no chances.