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Online dating effects on society

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Even in Super Sad True Love Story—the Gary Shteyngart novel where everyone wears an "äppärät," a device around their necks that broadcasts to everyone around them their credit history, income, cholesterol, and how attractive they are compared with everyone else in the vicinity—even in that world people fall in love. Executives in the middle of a growing business can be forgiven for overstating trends—as can individuals used as anecdotal launching pads for trend pieces—but readers should take it a little slower.So rather than go right to "online dating is threatening monogamy," as Dan Slater argues in his article in magazine, maybe we could agree with the less alarmist conclusion that people who engage in rapid serial online dating are probably less likely to make commitments because they won't settle down.As a small-business owner who’s operating a website, creating an app or selling an online service, digital dating sites may be one place to look for inspiration.Scott Steinberg, a technology and innovation consultant, believes that online dating platforms can be a “goldmine” for research: “The beauty of these platforms is they show us in a more human and personable way how we can deliver content, deliver messages, and ultimately let [users] interact with it.” Depending on their ages or interests, people gravitate toward different dating services.

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There are predators out there, and this requires new kinds of trust and new types of negotiation skills (the sociologist Antony Giddens is good to read on these points).Opponents fear that online dating will destroy the element of mystery and serendipity inherent to romance, and promote a serial dating mentality.As was the case earlier with television, these notions are overstated in that they ascribe too much influence to the technology (and too little to the users), and simplistic in that they disregard other meaningful psychological, social, and cultural factors.And then we could look at how that trend fits in with the larger questions we face.Efficiency First, I'm skeptical of the claim that, as one executive put it in the article, "the market is hugely more efficient" as a result of online dating. Humans are social beings: we gain meaning, purpose, fulfilment, contentment, drama, prosperity, knowledge, understanding from interacting with other people.Online dating apps and websites can be dark and lonely places for those who are looking for a traditional relationship.Plenty of the people who spend all day online are interacting with real people less than they used to.They waste huge amounts of time dealing with online daters who lie, mislead them, stand them up, or dump them on a moment's notice.Social networking and dating apps can be experienced as shallow, superficial hellholes for the lost and lonesome.There is no real, face-to-face contact and commitment between people, only virtual.