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Little things, like bright lights and loud sounds, bother me.
When my sister, searching for images of her favorite British pop stars, accidentally typed “Spicy Girls” into Yahoo, the search results made her run, shrieking, from the family computer. “It is probably no coincidence that this sea change comes on us at a time when AIDS lurks in the alleyways of our lives,” a writer for The Nation mused in 1993.

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Each time a cell that affects any formula in your spreadsheet is changed or manipulated, Excel recalculates the entire worksheet.In worksheets that have a large amount of formulas, this behavior can drastically slow down your macros.There are no active areas left, so one cannot click where it expects something (such as "close", or any ribbon element) to cause anything to happen.

I have been upgraded at work to Office 2013, and I find that Excel 2013 has a problem with screen refreshing.

Screen Updating = False Try it in combination with these lines: Application. Screen Updating = True Just some additional info: If you want to do this in VBA for Access, the command is: Do Cmd.

Echo False ' Also, a second Optional Parameter is to add a string that _ goes into the Status Bar while screen update is off.

The code used is displayed below: ‘Place this code in a generic module and call it when your project starts Public con As ADODB. Connection String = str Connection End Sub Private Sub Order Status_Mouse Move(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single) Dim str SQL As String Dim rs As ADODB. Note: In order to display the correct items for the right order, users must always click inside the Order Status field; otherwise the system may display the wrong items on the order. Sometimes you don’t want to cram too much information on the screen, or you don’t want Access retrieving information that is rarely used.

Connection Dim str Connection As String Public Sub Start Connection() 10 str Connection = “ODBC,….” ‘Use a valid connection string to SQL Server here… To that end I recommend using this technique on your dashboards, allowing users to quickly see more information as needed when they hover on fields.

While a macro runs, I turn off screen updating for speed, then turn it back on at the end. However with Excel 2013, the ribbon does not get repainted, including the "File / HOME / INSERT / ..." line and the minimise/size/close "buttons" [_^X] in the top right corner.

This area seems to be white (or maybe a light shade of grey).

When you set the Echo On argument to No, the macro runs without updating the screen.

When the macro finishes, Access automatically turns echo back on and repaints the window.

If you turn echo off, you can use the Hourglass action to change the mouse pointer into an hourglass icon (or whatever mouse pointer icon you've set for "Busy") to provide a visual indication that the macro is running.

I’m currently on a project to improve the performance of a particular workbook.