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Ashley Records list information pertaining to people who have once lived in or are currently living in Ashley, United States of America.

All records are uploaded online and so can be viewed 24/7. Use the online database and type in the full name of the person you are willing to search for.

Before I can love someone else, I need to know how to love myself." What about (fellow contestant) Ashley? If you are looking for an old friend from Ashley, or even perhaps a relative you lost touch with, just use the Ashley Records to reconnect!More than 50 former Biggest Loser contestants will take part in the San Francisco Triathlon over the next few days.she's still in the middle of step one, which is assessing, 'No, I'm not happy like this.' I think my sister understands that it's not going to be easy and I think she's a bit scared." The biggest challenge of being back in Bartlett: "Having everyone understand what I'm going through. but it's one of those things that it went past that, and it won't work." Plans for the prize money? We'll see what happens after Uncle Sam gets hold of me. They don't know the commitment and the hard work that I'm putting into this. but I'm gonna fill it in with as much muscle as I possibly can." On returning to his deejay job: "Music is my life. I don't see how deejaying will be a good outlet for me now that I want to pay it forward. There's some extra skin at the bottom of my stomach ... I have a smaller waist at (age) 31 than I did at 13 or 14.First thing's first: "The Biggest Loser" Season 9 winner Michael Ventrella insists that he and Ashley Johnston, his first runner-up, are not dating. Now, I lead an active lifestyle and I love and am going to incorporate that active lifestyle into all different facets of my life, including hanging out with friends and family, and some of [friends and family members] are just not interested, and that's a shame because it's done wonders for my life. Become a Burlington County Times subscriber to support stories like these.Oh, she reminds him of his high school sweetheart (may she rest in peace), they share a mutual attraction, and they connect on every level -- "mind, soul, spirit." They also enjoy flirting with each other and making other people "She's like my twin -- my evil twin, but my twin," says Mike, who lost 264 pounds to snag the coveted 0,000 grand prize at "The Biggest Loser" season finale on Tuesday night."My love life is non-existent," he says. Get full access to our signature journalism for just 44 cents a day.Here's some of what he said in an interview Wednesday: On his sister, 20-year-old Rosangela Ventrella, who appeared on the show this season: "She did audition (for the show) while I was away. How she's going to tackle weight loss is a lot different than me. You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it yourself. I was open to all the things I needed to do and sacrifice to solve this problem ...