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According to Instagram, Miley's 'best friend' Lesley Patterson is still living in Nashville with a giant love for music.She's a sports fan as well, with her Instagram showing her at a Carolina Panthers game as well as an Oklahoma Thunder game.Beth & Phillip get engaged (2/84) Mindy announces she is pregnant... HB Lewis has a heart attack (11/84) Rick & Mindy split up (11/84) Annabelle & Jim leave for Barbados (11/84) Vanessa gives birth to Harlan Billy Lewis III [Little Billy, Bill] (11/84) NOTE: The Schemering book is wrong when it says 12/85 for this birth.A January 1985 issue of Soap Opera Digest discusses the Lewises bringing their newborn son home on Christmas Day 1984. Beth regains her sight (12/84) Kyle Sampson (Larkin Malloy) is introduced (12/84) Bert/Charita Bauer loses a leg to cancer (1984) John Bolger takes over role of Phillip Spaulding (1985) Jim Reardon joins a think tank in Aspen (1985) Trish Lewis leaves Springfield to work in Europe (1985) Reva loses HB's baby (2/85) Beth Raines & Lujack get engaged; Floyd Parker shoots & kills Andy Ferris (2/14/85) Charita Bauer dies (2/28/85) Ed Bauer & Claire Ramsey make love, mistakenly believing Maureen & Fletcher have been killed in Beirut.While Cyrus is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, Patterson is dating a man named Michael Becker.He transferred from Marlboro High School to Lakewood Prep School in Howell, New Jersey because the school was able to accommodate his acting schedule.On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes season 1 holds an approval rating of 88% based on 40 reviews, with an average rating of 7.2/10.The website's critical consensus reads, "Judd Apatow's Love is an honest look at building a relationship, helped along by its two appealing leads." Daniel Fienberg at The Hollywood Reporter observes, "It's a variation on a common theme, but it's also squirmingly effective, fitfully funny and carried by a great, uncompromising performance from Gillian Jacobs...

Alexandra prevents Miss Sally from telling HB that Josh is Marah's father...

They conceive Michelle (2/85) Roxie goes to Alaska (early 1985) Kurt Corday (Mark Lewis) & Roxie Shayne get married (4/85) Claire Ramsey gives birth to Michelle Bauer (10/85) Mindy marries Kurt Corday (11/85) Jesse Matthews (Rebecca Staab) and Calla Matthews (Lisby Larson) arrive in Springfield (11/4/85) Lujack dies in an explosion; Reva goes to Rio to divorce HB so she can marry Kyle Sampson (12/85) Maeve Stoddard (Leslie Denniston) marries Kyle Sampson; Reva attempts suicide by jumping off a bridge (12/85) Peter Simon returns to role of Ed Bauer (1986) Johnny Bauer (James Goodwin) is introduced (1986) Phillip & India divorce (2/86) Bert Bauer dies (3/86) Ellen Parker takes over the role of Maureen Bauer (3/86) Kyle Sampson shoots & kills Cain Harris (5/86) Maeve Stoddard Sampson gives birth to Ben (later adopted by Fletcher Reade) (5/86) Maeve tells Kyle that their baby was stillborn & asks for a divorce; India is arrested for embezzlement (6/3/86) Claire briefly awakens from her coma (6/5/86) Kurt & Mindy host a house-raising (6/6/86) India is sentenced to 30 days community service at Stony Lake (6/10/86) Beth & Phillip make love (6/11/86) Ross gets involved with Calla Matthews (Lillian's sister) Fletcher gets involved with Maeve Stoddard (spring/summer 1986) Dinah Marler (Jennifer Gatti) is introduced (6/16/86) India befriends Dorie (Kimi Parks) (6/18/86) Jesse Matthews gets involved with Simon Luvonaczek (Shawn Thompson) (June 1986) Claire awakens from her coma (6/27/86) Ross proposes to Calla (7/11/86) Phillip proposes to Beth (7/22/86) Beth Raines disappears, presumed dead after Alan produces a body (7/86) Bea Reardon comes back to Springfield (autumn 1986) Reva leaves Kyle Sampson at the altar...

Josh (Robert Newman) comes back to Springfield (10/86) Kurt goes to Venezuela & is killed there (late 1986) Dinah learns she is Vanessa's & Ross's daughter (Xmas 1986) India von Halkein adopts Dorrie (winter 1986) Claire Ramsey has a brain operation and leaves Springfield with the doctor (12/86) Chelsea Reardon (Kassie Wesley) comes to Springfield (12/86) Christine Valere comes to Springfield (12/86) Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) & Hawk Shayne (Gil Rogers) get engaged (late 1986/early 1987) Rusty Shayne (Terrell Anthony) comes to Springfield (late 1986/early 1987) Alan's art forgery scam (winter 1986/87) Billy leaves Springfield to work in Venezuela (1/87) Calla Matthews leaves Springfield (1/87) Jessie Mathews and Simon leave Springfield (1/87) Rick leaves Springfield to work in Chicago (1/87) Sarah Shayne (Audrey Peters) comes to Springfield (1/87) Grant Aleksander returns as Phillip Spaulding (1987) Phillip gets involved with Chelsea (1/87) Vanessa and Billy get divorced (1/87) Henry Chamberlain has a heart attack; Vanessa takes his place at Spaulding Enterprises (2/87) Roxie Shayne and Johnny Bauer get involved (spring 1987) Paul Valere is murdered (Spring 1987) HB gets involved with Alexandra Spaulding (spring 1987) Mindy Lewis and Rusty Shayne get involved (spring 1987) India von Halkein leaves Springfield with Dorrie to live with the Baron in Europe (spring 1987) Ross & Vanessa get involved (spring 1987) Will Jeffries (Joseph Breen) comes to Springfield (spring 1987) Reva gives birth to Marah (6/87) Alan Spaulding is arrested for the murder of Paul Valere (6/87) Rusty Shayne is shot by Paul Valere's partner and almost dies (6/87) Chelsea and Jackson Freemont find out that Warren Andrews murdered Paul Valere (6/87) Christine Valere leaves Springfield (6/87) Paige Turco takes over role of Dinah Marler (7/87) Alan-Michael Spaulding (Carl Tye Evans) returns to Springfield (7/4/87) Rick Bauer (Michael O'Leary) returns to Springfield (7/87) Meredith Reade (Nicole Goulet) is introduced (7/87) Reva & Josh get test results showing that Kyle Sampson is Marah's father (summer 1987) Phillip moves into the lighthouse (summer 1987) Reva learns about Josh's marriage to Sonni (summer 1987) Alan-Michael, Dinah Marler and Cameron Stewart (Ian Ziering) start college (9/87) Alan Spaulding falls in love with Reva (9/87) Vanessa & Ross split up (9/87) Johnny Bauer & Roxie Shayne get engaged; Johnny is diagnosed with cancer (9/87) Dinah falls in love with Alan-Michael (autumn 1987) Sonni/Solita (Michelle Forbes) returns from the dead...

If you can warm up to the prickly, but probably realistic, characters, there's a lot to like, if not love." On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has an approval rating of 94% based on 17 reviews, with an average rating of 7.19/10.

The Who's Who section is designed to help Port Charles viewers keep track of characters on the show.

There's also a Brief Character History section that will give you a detailed account of the character's time in town.

For your convenience, characters which also have Who's Who profiles available will appear as links when mentioned in another character's profile.

Simply clicking on that character's name will take you to their profile -- it's a great way to jump from character to character!

In the "Related Information" section, you'll be able to cross-reference other sections of the web site, including actor biographies and characters' family trees.

Former cast member Rachel Ames was previously the series' longest-running cast member, portraying Audrey Hardy from 1964 to 2007, and making guest appearances in 20, the latter for the series' fiftieth anniversary.

Actors Genie Francis and Kin Shriner, who portray Laura Spencer and Scott Baldwin, are the second and third longest-running cast members, having joined General Hospital in February and August 1977, respectively.