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Leo male and dating traits

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It’s a lot of pressure to be a Leo – they long to live a life of greatness.All they want is to be the best, be admired, never fail, do things with a big splash, and have adoring fans and royal subjects wherever they go…

When I was asked to write this article I was frankly unsure of what I would write about.

Community Q&A Leo men can be extremely attractive and usually have a lot of admirers.

If you are looking to date one, you can see that they are really strong, and sometimes can come off as mean.

Here are some points worth remembering when involved in a romantic relationship with a Leo.

Being in love for a Leo Love and sex are essential ingredients for a fulfilling life in case of both Leo men and women.

They tend to compare themselves to the best in the room, the best in their field, and the best in the world… So, they’re looking for a partner who’s very impressive and living life “out loud.” If they’re headed toward a goal, get on board with their plans or get out of their way… There’s simply no winning – if you win the battle, you’ll lose the war, as the saying goes.

Instead, acknowledge their point of view, make them feel understood, tell them what a genius they are, and then agree to disagree.

But it is all about showing the Leo how strong you are and that you can handle him.

It is also about showing him that you adore and appreciate him.

He’s the Lion, king of the jungle, forever on the prowl towards his ultimate destiny. He wants you to have other interests, he needs you to have them. He’s not looking for someone to partner with in order to get to where he is going. Whatever is spoken of in secret is meant to be kept there and then thrown away.

Even with that being said, you’ll find that most of them would take him back in an instant if he only looked their way. You are not going to be the woman he lives his life for. How do you conquer a lion who is used to roaming free and wild? You must know your own worth, while never allowing him to step over any of those boundaries that you have set for him. He can pick up your scent miles away - the Leo man characteristics are legendary. He’s not going to lose sight of his goals to impress you. You have to be solid in who you are, how you feel and where you are going. You are the woman who dyes her hair the most beautiful shade of emerald green and he won’t notice for three days.