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Ed lived in an apartment on Manhattan’s West Village while Caroline stayed in a mansion on Park Avenue.Though they seemed to be content living apart for years, reports say that Caroline Kennedy nearly ended up in divorce after taking a high profile ambassadorship to Japan."We have made a family." Lee assumed a higher-profile role with Cuomo this fall, when she appeared with the governor in a campaign ad and at parades. “I don’t really have any official responsibilities,” she told the Observer. He says, ‘you know, honey, you can do anything you want, or nothing at all.’ He’s very good about giving me the flexibility and letting me be comfortable in whatever role. I need someone who understands who I am." While Lee expects to someday marry Cuomo, she made no predictions about whether the couple might ever take up residence at the White House given the widespread belief that the governor holds national aspirations. Cuomo in his recently-released memoir called Lee, who he met in 2005 at a Hamptons cocktail party.

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"We'll get married some day," Lee told the New York Observer. In 2011, she told Vogue magazine that as she walked up the down the aisle, "I remember thinking, it's not too late to run." But even then, she raised the specter of a lifetime commitment with Cuomo.

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Caroline Kennedy has faced divorce rumors for years, but a visit to Japan by President Obama may have helped put them to rest.

Arthur Agatston's new book "The South Beach Heart Plan".

" and his role in Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid.

Michael Shnayerson had the misfortune of releasing his Andrew Cuomo biography, “The Contender,” after Cuomo’s time has passed as a serious presidential contender.

There was a time when Cuomo’s presidential stock was on the rise.

To New Yorkers, this is a catalogue of Cuomo’s greatest hits as he bulldozes through state politics decade after decade.

Early in “The Contender,” we see an unquestionably devoted young Andrew Cuomo doing battle for his father, three-term New York Gov. Andrew’s political abilities are on display early – his skillful effort to win his father 39 percent of the vote against Ed Koch in the 1982 state Democratic Convention paves the way for Mario’s come-from-behind victory.