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Also did someone compare Jade Raymond to Will Wright? Now, as this thread was implying, she is a whore in the sense of being a spotlight whore, not a "suck your cock for money" whore, as the comic implies.You get the same result when David Jaffe plugs God of War, or Will Wright showcases Spore, it's the same result: A developer professionally whores his/her game.Volgens Ubisoft is ze nu executive producer van Assassin's Creed II 'en andere projecten.' Welke games de studio in Toronto gaat maken, is niet bekend.zijn mooie spellen, ben benieuwd wat ze gaan maken hier Lekker gesubsideerd weer van de US.Mind you, these aren't entire studios--just the big names that you recognize from headlines and interviews.It all goes to show that video games are very much a collaborative medium, and the smallest staff member can go on to make history (and big bucks) later down the line.It's not going to include the entire fucking backstory of the joke and every minute detail about Raymond and how she was used to promote Assassin's Creed, and every instance of this and every party involved.If anyone is so utterly aware of who Jade Raymond is that they would actually look at this comic and think, "Huh, I dunno who this is, but I guess she sucked someone's dick to get them to buy some game she's working on," then that's their own problem.

Bleszinski's quite the self-starter, making and publishing this dungeon-crawling adventure all while he was a student.A real attempt at satire, then, would include them, and yet they feature nowhere in this general indictment of "Jade's game."Thus, it's heavy-handed chauvinism masquerading as parody.I like how everyone just ignored Coffee Edge's evidence, and kept preaching in their "I'm better than you women haters because I don't have a sense of humor" way.Such a person would probably never even see this comic.As you've argued, Ubisoft, Gametrailers and others are at least as guilty as Raymond herself in this supposed oversaturation.Daar kunnen ze hun werknemers wel een tijdje van betalen lijkt me (3000$ in de maand pp = 2.4 miljoen in de maand geeft 100 maanden personeelskosten!! The biggest names in the gaming industry didn't just wake up one morning to find that their opinions and designs were widely acclaimed and respected.And contrary to popular belief, Jazz Jackrabbit wasn't his first Epic Games project; that honor belongs to the point-and-click Dare to Dream Volume One: In a Darkened Room. This comic is a dozen panels long, with barely enough dialogue to cover a postage stamp.Ubisoft heeft nu bekendgemaakt dat de dagelijkse leiding van de nieuwe studio in handen komt van Jade Raymond, die bekend werd als boegbeeld van Assassin's Creed.De eindverantwoordelijkheid komt voor rekening van Yannis Mallat, de directeur van Ubisofts studio in Montreal, waar al zo'n 2000 werknemers rondlopen.