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The Billing page includes optional information about the billing contact, including name, credit card email addresses, phone, billing address, postal code that New Relic uses to apply taxes, and purchase order number.Use the Invoicing API to create draft invoices, send invoices, and manage invoices. When you send an invoice, the invoice moves from draft to payable state and Pay Pal emails a link to the invoice on the Pay Pal website to the customer.Hosted Account Management is set to Guest View Only by default.

From the Billing page, you can request invoices for credit card payments, view invoices and receipts, and change billing contact information.

Setting preferences allow users to manage their display User Information, Time Zone Setting, Display Preferences, Notification Schedule, and Clipboard Options.

Sign into IPP at gov and select Collector (Supplier) module.

Alternatively, you may use our hosted account management pages to support your customers.

These pages allow your customers to view their account status, update their billing information, download previous invoices, and cancel or reactivate their subscription.

After you delete a draft invoice, you can no longer use it or show its details.

Because of the large number of users world-wide we cannot provide personal technical support for all users of the free version of this program.

You can also generate invoice QR codes and invoice numbers, search for, list, and show invoice details, and delete draft invoices and cancel sent invoices. Then, when you create an invoice from a template, the invoice is populated with the predefined data that the source template contains.

You can mark invoices as fully or partially paid, or as refunded and delete an external payment or refund from an invoice. To move the invoice from a draft to payable state, you must send the invoice.

Not required for inserting/adding an invoice as it is determined by the "Invoice Type'.

Indicator specifying: Q = Quote, O = Order, I = Invoice.