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Green Country Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue is a private rescue group serving NE Oklahoma & surrounding areas.
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She recently completed wedding for a woman who is also a lawyer.

During the wedding the woman repeatedly thanked her and said how special everything was.

My friend is florist, and a damn talented one at that (I say that fairly objectively).

She is always busy, and usually has to turn down work because she has such a good reputation.

-paul ianal Company A is a non-profit company with little in the way of assets.

You get done with work and after your long commute you grab your mail and head inside your home.

The CEO of Company B feels that Company A is acting in a way that harms his company.

Make sure that the perpetrator’s activities actually fall outside the scope of his/her legal rights.

Remember, people sometimes do annoying or creepy things, but those things are not always illegal.

He's wrong and he probably has no legal basis for a lawsuit but he threatens to sue Company A unless they change their practices in a way that would be directly beneficial to Company B.

Company B never actually files a suit, but over the course of a couple of years the CEO threatens a lawsuit numerous times with the express stated purpose of forcing Company A to go out of business by spending all of their money defending the lawsuits. Is it extortion to continually threaten to bring what would turn out to be an expensive lawsuit against another company? If it is not extortion, what conditions would need to be present in order for it to be extortion?

Re: Letter threatening to sue Usually a lawyer will not threaten suit unless it is meant.

To learn more about strongarm collection tactics and how to deal with them, go to

Click here for more cease and desist letter templates.

People using this form should edit out the brackets [ ] and fill in the appropriate information that is applicable to themselves.

If you do get sued, make sure to appropriately and timely respond to the lawsuit.

Re: Letter threatening to sue Of course, that is it's plain language.