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The highlands in the west have regular seasonal rains.Terraced agriculture (millet, wheat, barley, grapes, coffee, tobacco, vegetables, fruits, qat) is practiced, and goats, sheep, cows, and donkeys are raised.The Yemeni government must take effective measures to address discriminatory laws and practices, protect the right of women to equality with men and to be free from all forms of discrimination, and address the underlying social and cultural attitudes that discriminate against women.Female fighters carrying babies, rocket launchers and machine guns took to the streets of the Yemeni capital of Sanaa to protest Saudi Arabia’s involvement in its brutal conflict.A succession of Zaydi imams governed areas of northern Yemen until military officers launched a coup and established the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) in 1962.South Yemen was under British control from 1839 until it gained its independence in 1967 and soon afterward became the Marxist-dominated People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (PDRY).What has been the traditional role of women in Yemeni politics?Yemeni women are active participants in their country’s political movement, yet they suffer great disadvantages relative to men.

In the most recent parliamentary elections, held in April 2003, 19 political parties participated, including the president's dominant General People's Congress (GPC).The capital is Sana'a, and Aden is referred to as the country's economic capital.The approximate size of the nation, since some of its borders are not demarcated, is 187,000 square miles (North: 75,000 square miles; South: 112,000 square miles), or 482,100 square kilometers. The Tihama, a coastal plain and hilly area along the Red Sea, is fifteen to twenty-five miles (twenty-five to forty kilometers) wide.The students soon began bringing their sisters, cousins, and friends.Day by day, the numbers have increased, and they now include women from all walks of life and all segments of the society.The “Global Gender Gap Report” measures the disparity in opportunities available for men and women for 130 countries in four critical areas: economic participation and opportunity, health and survival, educational attainment, and political empowerment. There are only two women serving as the heads of government commissions, and there is only one female member of Parliament, out of a total of 301 members.Nevertheless, thanks to the current protests, women’s roles in Yemeni society may be changing.After the two parts of Yemen were united on May 22, 1990, in the Republic of Yemen, the country underwent unprecedented political reforms and took steps toward a democratic system of government.In Yemen's first direct presidential elections, in September 1999, Ali Abdallah Salih, the former leader of the YAR, was elected to a second five-year term as president of the Republic of Yemen.It is an area of fishing, commerce, and trade in the ports of al-Mukha (Mocha) and al-Hudayda as well as agriculture in oases (the main crops are millet, maize, sugarcane, watermelons, tobacco, and cotton) as well as livestock breeding.Handicrafts are made in Zabid, Bayt al-Faqih, and other centers.