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Gretsch guitars from this lengthy period are fairly easily dated with accuracy because from about 1939 (and perhaps even earlier) to 1966 they were numbered sequentially.

Before the end of World War II, serial numbers were simply written in pencil inside the body; these have understandably tended to fade into illegibility and even vanish altogether in some instances.

On the other hand, some less popular models may have sat on the shelf for years before being sold as new.

Technically, they are new, since they`ve never been sold, but the build date could predate the sales date by a substantial amount.

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For example, while a 1958 Chet Atkins 6120 model have been built in 1957, it’s still considered a ’58.That said, there are several tricks to successfully dating your Gretsch guitar.First, note that specs may or may not match up to a particular year, as there was considerable overlap.The Gretsch Round Badge was used for many years, so the best way to date Vintage Gretsch drums is to look at the interior of the shells.Natural or Silver sealer, then we can look at the number of ply's in the shell.One last thing to remember is that Gretsch years are similar to model years for cars.They made some guitars early to unveil at the big trade shows and tried to be ready to fill orders immediately, so those guitars would have an earlier-than-expected build date.Post-World War II, serial numbers were stamped into the headstock (some confusion might arise with older Gretsch guitars because numbering re-started after the war, but if the instrument has a “light bulb”-style headstock, it’s likely pre-war).Finally, around 1949, reliable serial-number labels were placed on Gretsch guitars; inside the body and visible through the f hole on hollow-body models, and inside the control routing on solid-body and chambered models.Rick I received a box from Rebeats containing my copies as well. The paper is now available at for those who don't do e Bay. Like I'm reading a medical research paper at work....!Rob indicated that he sent out the paper to the first group of buyers. Rick I received a box from Rebeats containing my copies as well. The paper is now available at for those who don't do e Bay. I read it last night and will again this week I am sure. It already helped me narrow down the years when my Gretsch 4165 was built.