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CPS-owned computers will require the technology coordinator password to complete the installation.If you have a CPS-owned computer, please call the IT Service Desk at 773-553-3925, option 9, for assistance.This program will install the required Active X control so you can access the Remote Access Portal.Active X Installation Issues If you followed the Quick Installation Guides steps and are still having issues with installing the Active X client, please refer to the Troubleshooting Guides for additional settings and instructions.

Specifically: for constantly keeping your definitions up to date (re: Clam Win Portable DBUpdate) points out that if you don't need your definitions CONSTANTLY up to date, you can simply create a batch file with the following, in order to make Clam Win update before launch:"start /wait Clam Win --mode=updatestart Clam Win Portable.exe"(note that the original forum has the WRONG name for the executable, use the above text instead)UPDATE:you can make the update window automatically close upon completion if you instead put the following in the batch file:"start /wait Clam Win --mode=update --closestart Clam Win Portable.exe"That might be more helpful, as you don't then have to wait for the definition update to complete and then press "close."I have been trying since version 0.88.5 and I still can't get the program to work because "Clam Win Antivirus has encountered a problem and needs to close".I configured the Exchange server with 512MB of RAM, gave it exclusive use of one CPU, and put its virtual hard disk on a different disk than the host OS.For my antivirus tests, I disabled each product's spam- and content-filtering functions but left all other options at their defaults.Clam Win Portable is a portable wrapper for Clam Win and can be modified to automatically update virus database periodically or during startup.Alternatives: as the website states, it's opensource, and updated by, if you notice something that isn't detected, tell them about it; it only makes the project better.Protecting your network from email viruses and spam has become a full-time job; finding the right antivirus software can make all the difference in whether it's a job well done.To help you, I tested the Microsoft Exchange Server versions of the top five products from the Best Antivirus/Mail Server category in Windows IT Pro's 2004 Readers' Choice awards: Computer Associates International (CA) e Trust Antivirus 7.1 Option for Microsoft Exchange, Mc Afee Active Mail Protection, Sybari (recently purchased by Microsoft) Antigen for Microsoft Exchange 8.0, Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange 4.6, and Trend Micro Scan Mail for Microsoft Exchange 7.0.Checkpoint SSL Remote Access Client Download If you cannot load the Active X control on a CPS-owned computer, you can download and run the latest SSL Remote Access client from Checkpoint.Download and install the client on your personal computer.MS Windows: Troubleshooting Guide for Windows Apple Macintosh: Troubleshooting Guide for Apple Macintosh.If you have a CPS-owned computer and are still having issues after reviewing the troubleshooting guide, please call the IT Service Desk at 773-553-3925, option 9, for additional assistance.