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Elisabeth Elliot (December 21, 1926–June 14, 2015) was one of the most influential Christian women of her time.For a half century, her best selling books, timeless teachings and courageous faith have influenced believers and seekers of Jesus Christ throughout the world. On June 15, 2015 she stepped “Through Gates of Splendor,” right into heaven, but her words and influence remain. Many of us came to know of Elisabeth Elliot through her story and work with the Auca Indians.

Elisabeth continued her work among the Quichuas and later lived and worked among the Huaorani.As the couple begins to say their vows, a woman in the congregation stands up and walks toward the front of the church, silently taking the groom’s hand.Then another joins them, and another, and another, forming an ominous chain at the altar.Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.Bible Search Multiverse Retrieval Lexi Conc Search FAQ Search Browse Dictionary Topics Encyclopedias / Dictionaries Introductions to the Bible Topical Indexes Charts and Outlines Timelines Maps / Images Complete the form below to register [? Her deep wisdom came with the cost of journeying through great pain in this life, yet many of us have gleaned amazing nuggets of truth from her experiences. Even after her own husband and 4 other missionaries were tragically killed at their hands, in the midst of her own grief, she chose to stay, to share the greatest gift of all with a people who didn’t yet know - the truth of Jesus Christ. A bride is walking down the aisle toward her beloved on their wedding day.Stained glass, string quartet: Everything is perfect. Certain themes that permeate the writings of Elisabeth Elliot are those things we still need reminding of in all that we face in our world today – God’s all-encompassing love, finding joy in the midst of sorrow, faith, contentment, courage, and hope. Evidence still that God uses all we walk through in this world for greater purposes and good, more than we could possibly ever imagine.