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Dreamweaver template not updating child pages

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The steps to create your Track 2 Template file are different than those used in the Track 1 tutorial.You'll be creating a template-basis document, in the root—just as you do in Track 1—but you'll be including a special row, reserved for content.As you view additional pages, you will find differing column and row configurations.But all pages in this track are based on a single Template file.To save an existing page in Dreamweaver as a template, choose File Save As Template.We’ll show you how to design HTML templates, but you can also save other kinds of templates (including PHP, JSP, or ASP. Give each template a special name to identify it later and to help organize a site that uses many templates.For years, Dreamweaver has used templates to allow an entire site to be updated at once simply by making changes to a master page.

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Often these sites have outdated code or are badly in need of an upgrade.If you expect to use many different templates in the same site, a description can be useful.3 VIEW YOUR TEMPLATES FOLDER Dreamweaver stores all of the templates you create in a folder called Templates, which it creates for you when you save your first template.The Templates folder is saved at the top level of your site folder and you shouldn’t move or rename this folder.Whatever the reason you are here today, this Word Press tutorial will introduce you to the basics of creating a Word Press theme from HTML.You can follow this guide to create your theme from scratch or you can head over to Github and download the WPExplorer starter theme which provides an “empty canvas” to create your theme with all the necessary template files and code to get started.This special row will become the key to allowing you to use a single Dreamweaver Template to drive multiple layouts.Templates come in many shapes and styles on the Web.Track 2 epitomizes the power of Layout Builder Magic.This page was built using the techniques taught in this tutorial.How do you fix it without having to cut and paste the content from every existing page to a newly designed one?In the early days of web page development, using tables for page layout was standard operating procedure. Reliable, hierarchical navigation menu systems did not exist, so it was easier for a developer to create multiple templates for various sections of a website with tables for links.