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So much so that you can tell he is extremely happy with J. "It's obvious," he said about his relationship with Lopez. The athlete also dished about some of her "guilty pleasures" and confessed that she loves to indulge in "chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies." Same, J. "We've been having a great time."To be clear, he never referred to the star as his "girlfriend" or said they are indeed a "couple," but does he really need to say any of that? One of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother." No wonder the singer has been spending a lot of time with him. Lo." Who knows which one will become the "official" name. One of the other co-hosts, Sara Haines, suggested "A.

While individual moments have been fun, the process is stressful, regardless of whether Ive been the fizzler or the fizzlee.

Consider these as more of a guideline (guided by cute animals) for where You’d think that by now we’d know that sitting in a dark theatre, where you can not speak and end up spending at least bucks at places like The Arc Light for two hours is anything but romantic. Don’t get me wrong, someone asking you to attend a movie premiere could be a very enjoyable experience, but not for the beginning stages of dating.

It could be a good way to avoid your date if there is no chemistry—and who knows—you might end up going home with someone else.

There comes a time after every failed relationship where you have to step back onto the platform of life and wait for the dating train to arrive once again.

It’s a complicated game in itself made only more complicated by the fact that you’ve been out of it for quite some time.

You know, as private as two gorgeous human beings that basically treated PDA like their vocation and also enjoyed blindfolding each other can be. At least we'll always have "Dance Again" to remember them by.

I'm just happy La Lopez has some hometown performances to keep her occupied and, um, well Casper can share some of my ice cream if he needs some distraction.

Like the train system, there are many different types of guys to date and I am finding them all here on my short stay in Germany. A mid-20s college student at the University of Munich. In the end it doesn’t matter if I don’t or can’t make things work with every guy I come in contact with.

Smart, handsome, family-oriented, and apparently interested in me. I know what I’m looking for and won’t settle for anything less.

We met via Tinder while I was in Munich over Easter weekend. Granted you don’t get out as clean as you do with your residual phase and you have scars, but you’re better once it heals,” he answered. It’s the one thing that anyone who values love is looking for.

The city was lively, but quiet as the state of Bavaria is highly religious. I’m on the hunt for a special type of train--- a magic train. They one that would carry me away to a place so full of magic and wonder, that there could be no doubt that this is path I’m supposed to take.