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(You'll note during seasons without a clear villain or rivalry—like Andi Dorfman or Juan Pablo Galavis' respective outings—a two-on-one date didn't even happen, as the stakes were seemingly too low/boring.), Olivia Caridi, who quickly became Mansion Enemy. 1 after receiving the first impression rose and hogging precious time with Ben Higgins, was sent home on the two-on-one, and was last seen fighting to remain standing against storm winds on a beach in the Bahamas."It's uncomfortable, both for the contestants and for the lead," Olivia, who eventually found her way home, wrote in a blog on of the experience."It's the most dramatic date every season because there are so many stares, awkward silences, and third wheel moments to choose from, and, when a villain is involved, there's always a guarantee for trash talking."), JJ Lane (aka "a terd," per Amy Schumer) meeting his demise on the date…just after revealing to Kaitlyn that his marriage ended because of his infidelity.But in a surprisingly bold move, Prince Farming eliminated both women, leaving a sobbing Ashley and a smirking Kelsey on their own private patch of desert in the Badlands, with the remaining women popping champagne over Kelsey's exit/honoring Ashley I.'s sacrifice.The date was so iconic that Kelsey was interviewed by Chris Harrison in a special prior to the Kelsey and Ashley I.'s bad trip to the Badlands in 2014 really set the tone for two-on-one dates moving forward, with the seasons' "villain" always going on the dreaded outing…and usually not coming back.Drake and Taylor Swift are giving up music and going into soap opera writing, or they should ...based on the way they're pumping up the rumors about them banging.

Rodney Wayne Williams, who was charged with Ms Taylor's murder last Friday despite no discovery of a body, is alleged by police to have picked her up on July 12.

Meanwhile, Rihanna and Drake shocked everyone by announcing their breakup on Oct. However, according to a report from , Ri Ri allegedly caught the rapper sending late-night texts to other women!

Guys, it’s totally possible that Ri Ri’s feeling burned by Drizzy and is now trying to make sure Tay knows what she’s getting herself into.

Taylor’s known for writing songs after her bitter break-ups with her exes and if she got a dose of the games Drake plays, she’d be writing songs about it until she turns 100.

Drake’s a deadly spider and Taylor can mess around and get bit if she wants to.” As we previously reported, the “Bad Blood” singer and “Hotline Bling” rapper spent all of Drake’s birthday night getting cozy together — they were inseparable!

Drake teased fans early Friday morning by posting a pic of himself and Taylor from behind, both dressed to the nines.

At first glance it looks like they were a coupled up on the town last night.

While it’s totally possible that they were talking about collaborating on new music together, they sure did seem super happy together.

We’re so excited to see what develops down the road.

This was the last time friends or family saw Ms Taylor.

Tiffany Taylor (pictured), 16, has been missing since July 12 and Rodney Wayne Williams, 60, was charged with her murder on Friday.