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Though delicate to the touch, it's durability makes it last for hundreds of years.

Founded in 1794, Royal Bayreuth has survived a number of troublesome events, including the Napoleonic-Franco Prussian turmoil, two World Wars, numerous changes in management and ownership, and the great fire of 1897 which destroyed a number of important records and molds.

Then, from 1885 until 1902, a single lion appeared.

For the rest of the 20th century, dual lions adorned many of Royal Bayreuth's pieces. Zone" because American troops occupied Bavaria following World War II.

In 1897 a large blaze completely destroyed the factory and based on the very promising business forecast the owners instantly started to rebuild the factory, only much larger this time.

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As the oldest Bavarian china firm under private ownership, the Royal Bayreuth factory still stands like a fortress on a hill in the little village of Tettau.

There is no complete catalog available of all the varieties out there.

With the advent of the internet, unknown versions frequently show up to surprise even veteran collectors. You just never know what you'll find in your ongoing search for this exquisite porcelain!

Several versions of the "T" and the lion appear on pieces from the 20th century, but the word "Tettau" identifies the porcelain as coming from Royal Bayreuth's factory. Royal Bayreuth started making pottery in 1794 in Bavaria with the permission of Prussian King Friedrich Wilhem II.

The pottery manufacturer is the oldest privately held porcelain factory in Bavaria.

During the next years the factory was constantly modernized and prospered, leading to the transformation into a corporation in the year 1915.

Since around 1913 the very successful business had specialized on restaurantware and hotel porcelain as well as special sets for children; its very wide product range was exported worldwide.

The company produces dinnerware, tea sets and dining accessories.

Other porcelain pieces include stylized figurines like ladybugs, devils, flowers, chickens and other farm animals.

from Kloster Veilsdorf on December 28th 1794 finally received the required permission.

The first Bavarian porcelain factory at first concentrated on normal household items as well as coffee, tea and cocoa sets but soon also started to create complete dinner settings.